Friday, March 26, 2010


Surprise, surprise! I started the "upgrade the look of my blog" initiative. This is as far as I got - maybe I'll do more later. I don't like the big blank space at top right.

I've been sitting here staring at my monitor with absolutely nothing worth blogging about coming to mind. We really lead dull lives here in Old Fart Land. Perhaps I should just say "Hello, friend." and try again later. Yep. That's what I'm gonna do.


SOUL said...

well hello friend back to you-- hello LBF even. how's your friday? warm and happy i hope.
mine seems to be a pain in the a** for me.. almost literally, just a bit higher up. but that's alright - still managed to get out and have lunch with the kid today. it was good -- the conversation i mean. the meal was overpriced and under - somethin. bleh. shouldn't have been, but it was. just yuk.
oh well.

anyhow -- i re-posted a two year old fish story - you commented on it back in the day --- maybe you might wanna have another peek?

anyways happy night lady :))

Tee said...

Give yourself some time. You'll come up with something. So far I like to look.

I thought spring was here, but today it has been cold, in the 50's, but with the wind chill it has to feel like the 40's.

I'm ready for warm weather, not hot, just warm weather. :-)

Smocha said...

I'm likin' it so far too. Maybe you can center the top pic? IDK :)

The colors are nice and spring-y .

We lead such exciting lives I just did a post about food .lol

Today I'll be catching up on my comments.

Happy Saturday!

Happyone :-) said...

Hello to you too. :-)
I like your new blog look so far too. Nice and bright!

Jamie said...


Have a wonderful weekend. Today is gathering day, right?

Hugs. :)