Thursday, March 25, 2010

Story With a Moral

. . . . And the moral of that story is: Be sure the television remote is on the bedside table BEFORE you strip the sheets for laundering. All is well that ends well and that's all I'm going to say about that. Make your own story.

Harry bought a new baby clam for my reef tank. It was delivered yesterday. It is tiny - about 1.75 inches wide. He ordered it from what we believed to be a very reputable supplier. The clam is healthy and pretty BUT it isn't the one he ordered. He ordered a Maxima clam with green, blue, and yellow in it's mantle. The one we received is brown and white stripped. Below is a picture of the new baby in front of the mature Maxima clam. In the very foreground is a conch.
Just to show off the mature Maxima's colors here is a picture.
I would tell you that we're having a rainy, gloomy, windy day but that would just be "same story - different day." Which one of these politicians hid our sunshine? We have to blame somebody - it might as well be a politician.
On that note I'm going to check on the pot roast. Thanks for stopping by.


SOUL said...

pot roast? hmmm. when's it ready?

and the clam? what a mess that entire ordeal has turned out to be. is the cost any different for what you paid and what you got? not to mention the address mix up?

geesh. what a can-o-worms this is.
are you happy with it? regardless? that's the main issue. isn't it.
i hope you are -- cuz apparently y'all are stuck with it.

happy as clams i hope.

Mary said...

Pot roast was pretty good. Soul, I wish you could have had some. Can I send leftovers?

The shipper (of the clam) credited Harry's account for the shipping. It was a mess but there's no reason to get upset. I'm happy as a clam with my new baby clam. I'll just pet him along and be surprised to see what he turns out to be.

SOUL said...

that all sounds like it turned out fine then - happy to hear it.

so. ya have leftovers eh? how bout ya overnight ship those right on over here? you still have my address dontchya? :))
i kid.
big hugZ LBF