Friday, March 19, 2010

Not Much of Nuttin'

I know everyone thinks that every day of the week is the same to folks who are retired. I still look forward to Friday. Habit? Probably. On that note TGIF!!!

The really large grocery closest to our house is closing and is having discount sales (40%) this week. We also had a coupon good for an additional 10%. I just came home from a sashay through every aisle of that store! I had a basket full of paper products, soaps, detergents, etc. All this to say that my knees, hip, and back are mad at me. I hurt everywhere!!

Today is our first day of real, honest-to-goodness sunshine in weeks. I think we'll have rain over the weekend but today is a "big sun shiny day." Looking out the window in front of my desk I see buds forming on my lilac shrub and the contorted hazel bush. Yeah, folks, I see spring!

As you can tell from reading the above there isn't a l9t happening in our world. Noting interesting to write about. On that note I'll say "adios until next time."


Smocha said...

Usually i am not even sure what day it is, but I'm still happy to find out it's friday.

I left an award for you over at my place . Go pick it up :)


SOUL said...

i too am happy to see the sunshine -- a lot more often than not :))

looks like you just might be able to do a little bit in the garden soon eh?
GOOD for you !
leave the shoppin for hubby -- spend your energy in the sun !

hugz LBF

SOUL said...

not garden -- yard i meant :O

Happyone :-) said...

We have been having quite a few days in a row with lots of warm sunshine and I'm loving it!!

Tee said...

I too look forward to Fridays (35 years of habit). Even though we have been retired almost five years we still manage to end up in Wal-Mart on Saturdays with all the crowds. Then we ask ourselves, what are we doing here on Saturday? It's hard to break old habits. I don't dread Mondays any longer which is a great thing.

We still have not had much nice weather, we had two nice days last week, but it back to rain and just now we had some hail. I don't look forward to the spring storms, but I am looking forward to warmer weather. It has been a very long winter.