Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Circle of Friends Award

I received a really sweet award from Soul. Thank you so very much. It's truly an honor to be among your "Circle of Friends."

I tried to post a picture of the award in this post but I failed. I did manage to get it into the left margin. Go figure!! I'm certainly computer challenged.

Anyway, to make a long story short I'm posting a list of five MORE things that make me happy.

1. Birds singing.
2. My marine reef aquarium and my live coral, fish, and clams.
3. A well stocked pantry.
4. The sound of water running in a brook.
5. And I have to repeat: My family and friends.

Rules. There's always rules, you know.
Pass this along to other bloggers who make you smile.


SOUL said...

thanks for goin along LBF
glad you got your critter safe and sound-- that coulda been a disaster-- i hope you - or Harry called and gave someone a good earfull ?

and one thing-- i just can't live one more second of my life without tellin you this. it just rips at me every time i see it. i mean NO disrespect at all when i say this -- but when you write Smochas' name you put two O's -- it only has one. like this ... Smocha. i'm sorry. just had to get that offa my chest.
there. i feel better. do you? :))

hugs -
stay OFF the ladder mary -- pay the neighbor kid to climb on stuff :))

SOUL said...

btw-- i just reminded myself -- i need to email you the place where we will be in TN - i'll do that now before i senile it away -- so look for it in your email. k?