Sunday, March 28, 2010

I really wanted to work on my blog format but it ain't gonna happen today and maybe not tomorrow either.

One of the side effects of my meds is that they can make me light headed at times. Errr-that's MORE light headed that my normal self. This morning it happened. I was bringing cups of coffee for Harry and myself when the room took a spin and I lost my balance. I knew what was happening so I relaxed my knees and sunk to the floor. On the way down I gave the large ficus tree a good shake and landed with my hands and both cups of coffee in an empty cardboard box. No coffee hit the floor, the tree only lost a few leaves, and Harry's coffee cup was still over half full. It scared Harry half to death. I was afraid that he was going to have a heart attack for real!! Managing my fall by sinking to the floor kept me from being injured. I may (or not) develop a bruise on my arm where it came in contact with the container housing the tree. I guess I could develop soreness but as of now I don't feel like I will. Hey! Notice that I didn't make a big mess with broken cups and spilled coffee. It was a neat fall - no mess to clean up. After everything settled down Harry said, "I knew it wasn't going to be a good outcome when I saw the tree pushing the table and the table pushing the boxes."

Sunday Gathering Day will be fun. we'll have something to talk and laugh about. Harry and I already had a good laugh. The salad is made, chicken breast and thighs are in the oven, green beans and corn are ready to finish shortly. Dessert will have to be ice cream and cookies today. The kids will love that and the old folks can make do.

We usually watch or at least keep up with the Sunday NASCAR race. It's a bummer when the race is delayed due to weather. Yep, we're rednecks.

Oven is buzzing - gotta go. Hope everyone is having a good day. No time to re-read. Hope there aren't too many errors.


SOUL said...

no errors that i noticed -- but - when am i the proof reader?

anyhow, i'm sorry you took a spill, but happy that you didn't get hurt. i always knew you were a lady that could handle yourself well... and ya did. :))
chillax a while- and let harry finish up the dinner --

hugs to you-- hope you have a fun filled day -
be careful.

Smocha said...

See! I told you you were still feminine ,in spite of being a BOY MOM!

You still fall all delicately. LOL

Sorry you fell , but you DID do it with the grace of the Queen :)

I would have broken the cups , spilled the coffee AND probably broken a bone or two.

Oh yeah , that brown sock thing made me recall this incedent :

Years ago hubby and I went out to dinner in Chicago .On the way to the restroom I saw this young (younger than ME) woman smoking a cigar.

She happened to come into the bathroom and I spoke to her and laughed about her smoking a cigar.

On the way back to my table she got to HER table and encouraged me to try a puff of a cigar. (I did , and was not very good at it) I just sort of have a nostalgic feeling for cigars because my dad used to smoke them when i was little.

So, I'm standing there trying the cigar with this fun girl and she has 2 men at her table (smoking cigars as well) It's all good fun , until one of the men says to me
"Don't tell me you're with grandpa over there ,with the white socks"

My husband was still in his dress shirt but had put on jeans and comfy socks.

That really "fried MY liver " too.

Sometimes people are so petty.

But karma will get them in the end :)

Tee said...

I so glad you weren't hurt when you "fell". Hubby just had problems with dizziness--adverse reaction to meds he was on.

What time is lunch served? I think the race was postponed because of rain. We were watching it for a while, not the race, but the channel it had been scheduled on, but I'm not sure it ever started. Maybe tomorrow.

Cheryl said...

So glad you didn't get hurt. I thought you were going to say you watered the trees with coffee. Falling is the worst!

Hope it was a great Sunday!

Happyone :-) said...

Leave it to you to fall neatly. :-) Glad you didn't get hurt!