Monday, November 12, 2007

Buttermilk Sky

Monday is fast coming to a close covered by a buttermilk sky. Made me remember an old Willie Nelson song by the same name. I know, I know few of you are Willie fans but I am. I admire his ability to keep on keepin' on. (picture made from our driveway over the top of our big white pine tree)

We have a new neighbor across the street. I met the wife and one of the two daughters today. They are going to fit into the neighborhood just fine. Her husband was transferred here from California. She said that his company will be moving 500 families to Huntsville as soon as the facility here is complete. If anyone is interested in seeing a boom-town just come to Huntsville, Alabama! I would never have believed that this little sleepy town would be what it is today.

In last night's post I talked about the grandson being concerned about learning to read. His mom and I are going to start helping him learn simple words. She has some instruction given to her by a mom who home schooled and we'll use that. No big decisions have to be made today or this week, for that matter. We just want the child to feel his needs are being met. Our goal is to solve the issue calmly and without a big splash.

Harry is cooking a couple of steaks on the grill tonight. We'll have salad and other left-overs from yesterday. I would be happy with a snack while completing plans for the next few weeks. Harry, on the other hand, wants a meal so a meal it will be. (He's cooking.)

Tuesday will be here soon. I hope each of you have a peaceful night and a Tuesday that's all you'd like it to be. Thanks for visiting.


Cheryl said...

What a brilliant sky. It's what I'd love to be seeing right now. Alas, our day was gloomy, but I'm glad for the rain we had.

Today wiped me out. I hope to make it a very early night. I think I'm having ice cream for dinner. Don't tell my daughter! I just made her pasta with vegetarian crumbles, corn, and whole milk. She's happy. I wish I'd had a green vegetable. No meal seems complete to me without it. Sorry I'm rambling here. Happy Monday night to you.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Lovely photo of the sky! I came across your blog by visiting the blogs of the folks that listed "nature" as a keyword. I keep a nature blog for Alabama as well. I went to UAH for awhile, so I am always glad to see news on Huntsville. Happy blogging!

Summer said...

Beautiful sky.

SOUL: said...

y'all celebrated my homecoming with steaks? how cool!
just kiddin.
but here i am...back in the blog world to harrass you ... :))
hope all is well in M-n H land!