Friday, November 2, 2007

Shoe Day

It was a good Friday. This was my Official Autumn Shoe Day with the kids. We shopped for leather shoes for church, athletic shoes for everyday, and hiking boots because they like to hike with mommy and daddy. That's 6 pairs of shoes. Those kids were so excited (as usual) that they couldn't decide which to wear and which to hold. I like to shop with them because they are really into it.

Harry and I ate at our favorite Chinese restaurant this evening. As usual I ate too much but I enjoyed every bite. Other than that there is nothing new at our house. I think an early bedtime is in my near future. There's a movie on TV that I intend to snuggle up and spend time with (Sahara). I keep thinking about the new seating one of my blogging friends bought. It looks sooooo comfortable. I know what I'll ask Santa for.

Try to do one thing out of the ordinary and exciting this week-end. And have lots of fun doing it. My best to everyone.


Josie Two Shoes said...

Shoe Day sounds like such fun, Mary! I can just see the delighted smiles of the guys holding tightly to all those new shoes! And what a blessing for mom and dad trying to make ends meet too!

I love Soul's new furniture too - looks mighty inviting, doesn't it?! Sure wish I had a laptop, my 'puter chair is the only one in my living room that gets worn out!

I love your suggestion to do something out of the ordinary this weekend. For me that will be... cleaning up the house! (Not exciting but absolutely necessary since I've let it go way too long now.) Maybe I"ll work on a more fun idea for tomorrow. :-) Have a great weekend, Mary, you're a treasure!

Ricky said...

Mary Ruth:The fires are out and the air is clear here in San Diego and as is well on the home front. Slipped away after diner with the grand kids and great grand parents to say hello to you and your wonder crew of blogers.I dont think I am missed due to the ongoing hot Domino game now in progerss in the family room. Look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks.Blog on baby, love your stuff.

Ricky said...

What I meant to say was wonderful crew of blogers,although the more I think about it they all could be considered a wonder crew.You must be over joyed with the great responce of your blog site thus far. All the continued vary best to you and your new blog friends..See ya sooon.........

SOUL: said...

i hope santa is good to you!!!!

have a good rest of the day..which is now sunday not shoe-day.