Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nana & Papa's Nest

This is the greeting by our sunroom door. It's the door everyone uses.

Quiet times are a thing of the past for the next few days. Tomorrow is our regular gathering day. It will be busy at our house tomorrow and for the next few days. I wouldn't miss it for the world. The grandsons are already primed and ready! Shopping at the market is done. Let the good times roll. Tomorrow there will be at least 13 here and if our friend next door stops by it could grow to 17 or 18. The more the merrier! I'm cooking in the big pots and everyone can help themselves. There will be plenty for everyone.

I finished my Christmas shopping today - on-line. All I have to do is sit on my rumpus and wait for the delivery trucks. I'll go out to the stores/malls/shops a couple of times to see the Christmas decorations and maybe whip up a little extra excitement but I won't have to stress over the gift puzzle. Yea, for me!!

Depending on how late tomorrow's good times last I may or may not post. If I don't have the time remember that I wish you the best. It would be so much fun if I could wiggle my nose and have all of my blog friends here to join the fun.


C.A. said...

Mary, I hope youre enjoying your day with the family! I'd love to be a fly on the wall and watch you having fun with the kids and grandkids! It's cold and changing between ice and rain here today and I think it's probably a good time for a nap!


Cindi Ann

SOUL: said...

that sounds like a second thanksgiving!!! how do you do it???/
sounds good... and fun... but oh man... i couldn't handle that every week. just couldn't.
i hope you have a great day tho!

and how are you , and a few other people i know already DONE shopping??? i have bought ONE gift--and it was only because i couldn't pass it up on the way home the other day---ok make that two.
but still--- i have a looong way to go--and you know i HATE top shop!
just hope i survive.

AlabamaGal said...

I hope you had fun! It sounds like a great time.

I like the sign.

Armando and I went to Nothing But Noodles yesterday and were shopping at Huntsville. I thought about you! ;)


Cheryl said...

I'd love to join the fun. Who knows, maybe one day! In the meantime, I like living vicariously through you. I'm sure today was wonderful for you.