Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Adventures

After the storms last evening and night we had a bright sunny day but windy and cool. I went with Harry to the golf course not to play but just to ride with him while he played. The wind was not his friend today but we enjoyed spending time together outdoors. The course he played is being sold to developers who plan to build a shopping mall on the property. We wish it weren't true but it is. Another beautiful piece of property with mature trees is going the way of the dodo bird.

Before coming home we ate at "Nothing But Noodles" for the first time. Everyone has probably known about the chain for a long, long time but not us. The food was reasonable, the servings were generous, and the food was tasty and well prepared. Both Harry and I enjoyed our food which was served in a BIG bowl. We aren't vegetarians but it would be a very convenient place for those who are to dine. You can request grilled chicken or steak added to your bowl but meat isn't routinely included.

Below is a picture of a huge nest near the top of a very tall pine tree. We saw this on the back nine of the golf course. Neither Harry nor I have ever seen a nest like this. I appears to be constructed of sticks and pine needles and is about 4 1/2 feet across. Any idea what might have built this? We thought of squirrels but their nests are not shaped like this. Also, this is a very neatly constructed nest.

I'm a little bit at loose ends since I'm not cooking this evening but I won't be bored. After a day outdoors in the cool weather I feel like curling - up much like the cat does - with a blanket and a cup of tea. Tomorrow the grandsons will come to play with me, Saturday is music recital day, and Sunday is Gathering Day at Nana and Papa's. My next three days are planned. It all looks like fun from my vantage.

Time to push the Publish Post button and cruise a bit. Until later: Bye and have a good evening and night.


SOUL: said...

i'm not cookin either by gummit. :))
have a good night
my hair you reallly say that?

Cheryl said...

It was a great storm. Lots of rain and wind. Then sun, then clouds and rain. When the sun was out, it was brilliant and so beautiful on the colorful fall leaves.

I spent the day cleaning. It was great.

You'll have to let us know about that nest. It must be for a huge bird.

Are you resting?

PipeTobacco said...


Thank you greatly for your comments on my site. I have appreciated them greatly and your words have helped me to feel better.

Your nest picture... it is very interesting. My first thought was that it was a squirrel nest as well. I am wondering if in your region, there is perhaps two different species of squirrel? The various species build different types of nests. Although, I agree with you that your picture looks a bit too neat and tidy for most of the squirrel nests I am familiar with. Another thought, but it is difficult to tell from the picture due to the angle... there is a possibility that it could be a bald eagle nest. When they build nests in trees, they tend to be of a shape as your picture suggests, and they are also large. I wish I had a more definitive answer, but I suspect one of the two above is likely correct. Do you have other pictures of the nest from other angles?

I also liked your information about "Oodles of Noodles". I have heard of the chain, but have never come across one in my travels yet. If and when I do, it has always been a planned destination. I also enjoy the fact that the meals are mostly vegetarian... not that I am opposed to meat... I just enjoy vegetarian foods more frequently... especially when out in a restaurant setting. I will tell my wife of your findings at the chain as well.


Summer said...

That's a HUGE nest. I'm inclined to agree with Pipe about the bald eagle. I saw one here this past summer. It wowed me!

Does your cat drink tea?

Mary said...

Summer, our kitty is the strangest kitty we ever saw. She won't eat anything - and I do mean nothing - unless she sees the container it comes in. She eats Purina One Choice dry food and refuses anything else. At one time she'd eat Whiskas wet food but she began to throw that up and she quit eating it. I've tried dropping liquid vitamins on the dry food but she refuses to eat that, too. She will taste coffee if she gets the chance but I've never known her to drink tea. Is Lucy a tea kitty? I do hope she's doing better.

Ricky said...

Aunt Mary Ruth: If that nest was in Balboa Park in San Diego near our famous Zoo it would probably be used for a homeless shelter...what a great view,see ya soon, can hardly wait...