Friday, November 16, 2007

Play Day

My two little playmates came over today and played with me for most of the afternoon. We had fun playing inside and out. No fussing or whining just having a fun time. Do any of you adults understand how Transformers work? Those toys just fascinate me. The boys have to help Nana change them from one configuration to the other. Their play just about uses old Nana up, though. I'm tired tonight.

I was asked if our kitty will drink tea. Nope, she won't. She will taste my coffee if she gets a chance but she won't really drink that either. She only wants to eat dry food and only one brand of that. We love her but she's a silly little seven year old lady with a mind of her own.

There's really not much to write about this evening. Tomorrow (Saturday) promises to be a busy, busy day with the recitals and a bit of shopping. I believe it would be in order for me to close and make this an early to bed night.

Hope everyone has a good weekend full of some fun and lots of rest to be ready for next week. Turkey Day, you know. Nite, nite!


Cheryl said...

I wanted to write, but spent my night reading and now it's time for bed, like it or not. Work comes early on Saturday. G'night to you Ms. Mary.

AlabamaGal said...

Hi Mary,
Thank you very much for your visit and comment at my blog. I live about 20 miles south of Huntsville.

We visit Huntsville quite frequently. I saw that you recently discovered Nothing But Noodles. My husband and I discovered that restaurant recently too. We love it and we usually try to stop in for a bite if we go shopping there.

Please visit again anytime. I will be dropping in to say hi too. I love your blog header picture. It's beautiful.

I cannot put together those transformer toys either! They are amazing but too difficult for me to grasp. I think I might break one if I tried to put it together. :)


Summer said...

My oldest had transformers when he was young. I think I have one of his left somewhere around here. My youngest son doesn't get what all the hoopla was about when the movie came out. I guess 9 years in age difference is truly a generation.

Have a happy weekend!


ahhh Transformers..Yes...Send them here..I have to gloat but I have become quite the fancy navigator over those DECEPTICONS and AUTOBOTS!!
Just ask Jackson!
Crusty~ :)