Friday, November 30, 2007

An Evening Across Town

This evening the old folks ventured 24 miles across town to eat at a restaurant we thought was brand new. The manager told us Indigo Joe's Sports Bar and Restaurant celebrated their first anniversary two weeks ago. Duh - The old folks are slow. What can I say? The food was good and believe me we ordered enough to make that determination. Food closer home is just as good, though, so we probably won't add this restaurant to our regular rotation. If an Indigo Joe's is near you and you enjoy sports it might be fun to give them a try. During major sports events they provide table speakers so you can not only watch but hear your game. Their web site is

I have to hang my head and be really embarrassed about my post last evening. I told everyone how I worried about those military planes leaving the airport. I really did pray for the safety of everyone who might be going into harm's way. Harry read my post and had a good laugh at my expense. He told me that it was the same plane taking off every time I saw it. The military is conducting a touch and go training mission from our airport. I felt like a fool and was sorry I included my readers in my misperception. Sorry about that folks. I hope my prayers were heard and applied where they will help most. Prayer is never wasted - not even when they are offered by an old silly woman.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I hope I can start and finish one small project. After a big glass of wine and an after dinner drink at the bar I may sleep like a log until noon or later. Pleasant dreams to you all. Nite-nite


C.A. said...

Mary, prayer is NEVER wasted. :)

Indigo Joe's looks yummy! So glad you enjoyed it! I'm making those cakes please pray for THAT! :)

Summer said...

Don't feel foolish. Ever. Your heart was in the right place. As always.

SOUL: said...

you are just too sweet...and i am sure God passed the blessings along accordingly-- along with a good chuckle Himself.
he does have a sense of humor ya know?
he HAS to--- just read my page! LOL
happy saturday-- hope you DO sleep in some!

Summer said...

I keep adding to this morning's post as I keep remembering things. I really should take notes during the week.

Thanks for coming by and giving me encouragement. I'm workinig on it!

Josie Two Shoes said...

It doesn't matter if it was just one airplane load of military folks you were praying for, Mary. I know for certain God will get those prayers covering all the folks we have serving across the world. I thought your caring was beautiful!

Cheryl said...

It wasn't a wasted prayer at all!

How was your Saturday? I have so much reading to catch up on, I'm not sure when I'll post.