Sunday, November 4, 2007

Golden Raintree

The Golden Raintree is a small tree with golden flower spikes in June/July. The flowers are followed by paper thin seed pods that look like Chinese Lanterns. They are green eventually turning to brown. Each pod holds only one black seed. The leaves are fine and make almost no litter. The pods are not a problem either and I never had a problem with sprouting. The one I lost was around 15 years old. At one time they were unheard of here but when mine first bloomed someone from Huntsville City asked me about the tree. Now they are the center planting of one of Huntsville's most traveled streets. The pictures below are swiped from the net. I couldn't find a really good picture of mine. Now you know and if you've never heard of or seen a Golden Raintree you can say that you learned something this weekend.

Mature Tree


Summer said...

I have seen these trees here. Thank you for the arbor lesson. BTW, what do you season your cube steak with?

Cheryl said...

I've seen the trees too but didn't know the name, so I did learn something. Same with the cube steak. Sounded like a wonderful Sunday dinner.

SOUL: said...

if i had one of these trees in my yard ...i would be sittin under it right now. the weather is soooo nice today. but i am really really tired and sore today. it would be a perfect day to be fishin...but my body has failed me...again.

anyhow... very nice tree.
but i really probably wouldn't sit under it today. i'm on my butt and will be here til school lets out...and i will bet this is where i will come back to.

waiting for the next garden lesson.