Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunshine and Cooler Temps

This was a good day. The pregnant daughter-in-law was feeling good - no nausea - so the whole gang was here. The sun was bright, the birds were at the feeders, the squirrel with feathers on his legs was eating out of his own stash for a change, and the leaves are showing signs of color. It's also pleasant to have cooler weather for a change.

My planned menu went out the window when our oldest son said he wanted cube steak for his birthday dinner next week. I made my recipe of barbecue sauce and did baked ribs with the sauce. It's another favorite of the gang. The salad had the usual greens plus tomatoes, black olives, bell pepper, and pickled corn (little ears of corn). There were other things to add if individuals wanted them. In addition to the ribs our meal stared Brussels sprouts. The usual ice cream and cookies (for those who wanted) finished the meal. It was so good to see our preg girl eat and enjoy the food.

The boys decided that a "man trip" to deep sea fish is in order. Harry and the three sons are planning to go deep water bottom fishing for some specific fish. I didn't understand what kind of fish they hope to catch. They are hoping to charter a boat the second weekend in Dec. It will be cold on the water and they'll freeze their bums off - at least. More on this subject as it comes to my attention. I'm happy they are going together. They will have a ball.

Someone wasn't sure what cube steak is. It's round steak that has been put through a machine that cubes (tenderizes) it. The result is a very tender, lean small steak that I pan fry with various seasoning and serve with smashed potatoes and gravy - along with other veggies, and home made biscuits. The oldest son loves this menu. I don't have to coax the rest of the gang to fill their plates, either.

I've written a lot tonight. Hope I wasn't too self centered and boring. May all of you have a week filled with only good things.


SOUL: said...

sounds always. wish you lived next door!...well, not just for the food of course..i like the yard too. just kiddin. :))

anyhow... i make chicken fried steak with cubed steak...good stuff. but when i have it and am too lazy for the labor and mess of CFS, i will make it like you and just pan cook it.

so anyhow.... it always comes back to food... if i'm not talkin about it...i'm eatin...or wishin i was eatin...weird.

hope you have a great day!


I look forward to hearing plans of "man trips" someday cause that will mean I'll have the entire house to myself. :)