Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fun and Laughter

Just a short post to say I wish everyone could be here. We have lots of left-overs which will make a great picnic for tomorrow. Plans are for Ricky, the grandsons, their mom, and whoever else is able to go for a hike on the nature trail. I'm not hiking but if the weather is nice I may go and sit in a rocking chair on the pavilion deck and enjoy the lake while guarding the food. After all, I'm the nana and nanas love rocking chairs. At least that's what the youngest grandson told everyone who would listen.

The crowd has gone home and just Ricky, Harry, and I are here. Harry and Ricky are talking about something that surely has them laughing. I'm gonna get back out there. Don't want to miss out.

Soul, the pepper jelly, cream cheese, and triscuits was a big hit - a little too hot for me but everyone else - even the boys said yummy. Baked pineapple is on tomorrow's menu.

My best to everyone. I'll post pictures when I have time.


C.A. said...

Ricky's there! How great for you and Harry! I'm sure your day was full of smiles!

The pepper sauce and cream cheese with we call that Jezebel Sauce...made with apple jelly and horseradish. I LOVE IT! But, BOY does it clean out your sinuses!

Enjoy your hike/rocking chair today! It's back to work for me.

Hugs to you Mary...


happyone said...

I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now. I take my hat off to you for having everyone over EVERY Sunday and cooking for them. I would be stressed out thinking of what to make every week. You must have a very loving family for them to want to be with each other every week. :-)
Enjoy your day!

Mary said...

c.a. Loving having Ricky here. He's always the life of any party and a really sweet guy, too.

Happyone, I was raised almost as an only child of older professional parents - siblings were all grown and married with families of their own when I came along. I understand the joy of having family around me after spending many lonesome special days. Thanks for reading my blog. Come again soon. I'll read yours and catch up with you when my favorite nephew, Ricky, returns home to California

SOUL: said...

i'm glad y'all enjoyed the recipe! i'd never heard of it til the other day--- i will be having some with our christmas munchies. :))

thanks for all you said over at my place today--- it's nice to know that the days of "empty boxes" are over!

i would be totally LOST without my blog peeps... especially right now. i don't know if i woulda made it through the day without curling into a ball in a corner somewhere without all the positive words from my friends...
thanks mary

take care.