Saturday, November 3, 2007

Nine Shrubs Later . . .

Another Saturday has come and gone. I did work outside a bit - planted two Indian Hawthorns, 5 azaleas, one camellia, and one gardenia. Two borders are now almost replanted. I only have a few more plants to get into the ground this fall. As for the trees, I'll have a nursery deliver and dig them in. If another late spring freeze kills this stuff I think I'll call a concrete company to come and make the whole yard a parking lot. I'm tired of this re-do and I want to get back to putting order into this chaotic house before the holidays. Sorry, I shouldn't complain I'm just tired.

Holidays!!!......I'm really looking forward to the holidays this year. I may or may not have a big tree but the Holiday Spirit will certainly find a welcome here. I've started my shopping (shhhhhh no one knows that) and would like to be through before black Friday. I won't go out in the crowd to shop the day after Thanksgiving!! Huntsville is really growing fast. Many families are relocating here from the DC area because their jobs are moving here. Our road system is just about maxed out and the holiday shopping traffic will be worse than DC's beltway. Nope, I won't brave the crowds to shop but may go out to watch the holiday spirit bloom.

Now I'm thinking of the fun to come over the next two months. My better judgement is telling me to close and rest so this semi-flare will end and I'll be chipper to enjoy everything and everyone.


Cheryl said...

You got a lot done today. What kind of trees are you planting? This spring was a garden re-do for me. I'll probably start doing my fall clean-up tomorrow and Monday. Maybe! All of my shrubs will need trimming so they'll be ready for Christmas lights. I'd like to get it done while the weather is still cooperating.

I'll fill you in on the book club's take on Elsewhere when we discuss it. I might need a reminder; I'm sure you'll hear me talk about it again.

Everyone's coming over on Sunday, right?

Mary said...

Haven't made final decision about trees. I think I'd like a Kousa Dogwood, a Golden Raintree, and an Oak of some kind. I've lost three trees over the past two years. If the nursery doesn't think these are good choices for the location then I'll listen to their advice.

Cheryl, the pics of your garden were beautiful. You did a lot of work too. If I'm half as successful as you I'll be happy.

Yes, I believe everyone will be here tomorrow. I hope the pregnant couple are feeling better and can make it. Sundays are so much fun at my house. I think I'll cook cube steak, gravy, mashed potatoes, and another veggie. Of course, a leafy green salad is a Sunday standard here. Wish you and Em could join us.

Summer said...

Huntsville like DC? I'm so sorry! It is a nightmare around here for sure.

I wish I had your energy. I'm going to have google Golden Raintree. Sounds wonderful. Enjoy your Sunday!

Mary said...

Summer, By 2010 - if the plan continues to be executed - a couple of major commands (military) and most of their "Beltway Bandits" will be in this little southern town. At present, this is a real boom town.

Cheryl said...

I'm not familiar with Golden Raintree either. I had to take a Kousa dogwood out two years ago. Unfortunately I planted it too close to the house. I also took out a maple that the builder put too close to the house. I'd love a Redbud, but have no place to put it.

I did some major work outside today. You actually inspired me.

I've never had cube steak, but I'm sure I'd love it. Not Em...she's still a vegetarian.

SOUL: said...

i love gardenias...i can't remember the last time i even saw one tho.