Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Hot Day in Alabama

Play day was quiet today. James wanted to "attend" Noggin's Blues Clues School on the internet and Jesse was busy trying to catch a HUGE dragon fly. No chance of catching that dragon fly, thank heavens. The boys are getting old enough to play on their own. I have mixed feelings about that but it's the natural progression of life.

I'm actually doing well with my so called lifestyle changes. Down a few - very few - pounds. Pounds are not my main goal - though maybe they should be. Feeling like a human being and getting myself back into normal routines is my number one goal. So far, so good.

Harry and I went to Home Depot yesterday and I saw a planter that really caught my eye. It was just the right size and shade of soft gold that I've been looking for. I decided to come home without it and agreed (with myself) that if I still wanted it this morning I would go back and make the purchase. Late yesterday afternoon there were 6 of the planters on the shelf. Early this morning there were only 2. I took one and saw the other in a gentleman's cart in the checkout line. As you can see, simple fits me best. It is more gold than the pic but very subdued. I want the plant to be the focus. Now I'm in the market for just the right Lady Palm.
Time to get up and move. All you folks have a happy evening. Thanks for stopping by.


Summer said...

I really like that planter. Perfect for a Lady Palm! Enjoy your weekend.

happyone said...

Great planter - it appears lots of people felt that way. A good thing you went back when you did.

I think it's a good thing not to be so concerned on the number of pounds you lose because just by changing your life style those pounds will come off. Slow is always better than fast because they will usually stay off that way.
Good for you for making those changes and hang in there the pounds will come off.

Cheryl said...

I buy so many things and then return them. Not on purpose, and I hate returning. It's good you were sure about this planter. I don't know what a Lady Palm looks like, so you'll have to post a picture.

It must get so hot in AL!