Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Metal Roofs and Travel Plans

The frustration of finding someone to re-roof the screen porch began today. It really must be done because there is a leak - just in case it might rain here sometime. I don't want to deal with making sure everything is placed just so to avoid getting wet. I called for estimates but so far no one has called me back. I am thinking that I want an insulated metal roof but can't be sure. Does anyone have suggestions or warnings about what I might expect with a metal roof? I currently have a clear (plastic, I guess) roof with strong UV screening and I do like it but it has developed problems after only 3 years.

I'm beginning to get my bearings again and am beginning to notice all the things I let slide. It's going to be an uphill battle to catch up, but I'm just thankful that I'm able to do so. I need to get on point and make progress.

During dinner this evening Harry mentioned that if we intend to do any traveling we need to make plans and do it before one or the other of us is no longer able. We talked about some possibilities but we didn't discuss plans. Harry's way of planning a far away trip is to say, "If you could only choose one place in the world to travel where would it be?" He likes us to each make a list of one or two places, compare lists, and work from there. I think Europe is in his mind - nice but I dread the flight. Flying isn't as user friendly as it once was.

Gotta get ready for bed. Hope everyone is well.


Brad said...

Sorry hon - I haven't got any info of roofs - But I will ask the guys at work tomorrow - they're all construction type and we do have one bonified roofer - I'll report back. Take it easy on that catching up stuff.

Golden To Silver Val said...

My neighbor has a screened in porch with a metal awning type roof. She has had no problems with it for the 20 some yrs its been in place. But..remember too...its not only the materials but also the quality of workmanship that will give good results. So shop around. Good Luck. I hope you continue to feel better and better.

happyone said...

I don't know much about metal roofs either but I do know I like them!

Have you ever thought about a train ride vacation? I'd like to take one of those through Canada sometime.

Tee said...

I do know the metal roof will cost more than an asphalt roof, but it will last longer. Ask the roofer for references (names and phone numbers and follow up) and addresses of jobs they have done and go look at their work BEFORE allowing them to do work for you.

As for travel there's not another place on earth like Israel. If you go, go with someone like Zola Levitt Ministries or Perry Stone. They will have Jewish guides for the land that belongs to the Jewish people. :-)

bigdav3 said...

Metal Roofing has come a long way. There are many different styles and coatings nowadays. Do make sure you get references and don't be afraid to take a drive and look at the work firsthand. A few good places to check online are http://www.metalroofing.com or