Monday, June 23, 2008

Tryin' to Catch Up

Seems time is short for the past few days. I look back to see what I've accomplished and things look pretty much the same. What's up with that? Do you think that maybe - just maybe - I'm spinnin' my wheels?

Yesterday was gathering day. James and Jesse were in rare form. James hit the door asking if he could please play Noggin. Jesse has discovered merchandising. He concocted "special cookies" with Oreos and M&Ms by opening the Oreo and sticking four M&Ms to the white center. He wanted to go to the street and sell them but Keith (daddy) didn't let him. No problem, Jesse just opened shop in the house. Sales were pretty good considering I'm off the cookie train. I have a feeling that from now on things are going to get pretty interesting. I just love it - every stage just gets more complex and fun than the last. Just think, in a few months Baby will be ready to move into "stages" of interesting stuff. He'll probably be way ahead of the game because he'll have two cousins to teach him the ropes plus he'll come up with a few tricks of his own.

It would be so good if Maddie, the Phoenix granddaughter, could be here to teach her tricks and ideas to the boys and vice versa. Maybe she can work on that when she's here at Thanksgiving. Maddie is a pretty little lady - all she needs is a good spoilin' administered by Papa and Nana.

Saturday was a reef meeting. As usual the food was very good and abundant. I was a good girl and left most of it for others. I did have a small helping of brisket and slaw but no sweets. I don't know anyone who can turn down a wonderful brisket that's been properly cooked. Both Harry and I were really tired when we got home. I guess smiling, talking, and looking at reef tanks naturally wears old folks to a frazzle.

OK folks, there you have it. Life as it is in my world. Don't know yet what today will bring but Harry offered to read to me for a while this afternoon and I surely won't turn that down. What's happening in your world? Come on, spill the beans. Whatever it is I hope it is good and makes you happy.


happyone said...

Your world sounds fine to me - filled with family and love.
Enjoy the rest of your day.

Anonymous said...

I guess as long as those wheels keep spinning, we are okay! I was just looking at your photos of your reef tanks. They are just beautiful. Where do you have them displayed in your home?

Mary said...

The 190 gal is in the office. The 225 gal is at the end of our living room. We are a blended household and are in the painful process of shaking the "stuff" down to a manageable handful. The tanks will stay where they are but we may repurpose some rooms.

Thanks for the kind words. Some days I need to hear them to keep my sense of humor.

AlabamaGal said...

I love his new cookie concoction. I would have bought some from him, whether I needed them or not. LOL

We had a good day today. We went to the movies and saw "Get Smart". It was funny.

Big hug,

simonsays said...

I love the stories of your grandkids, and I so look forward to those days, myself.

I only hope to be the kind of wonderful grandmother that you are, kind, patient, enjoying each minute...when my own were little, there was little time for any of that.

Have a wonderful day today - and I think you are doing such a great job on your new way of eating...



Cheryl said...

Spinning wheels make the world go round. Sounds like a good weekend for you, as usual. You find your happiness in the simple things.