Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday in North Alabama

It was a long five days of taking meds and being afraid to move, but I'm so happy to say that my back doesn't hurt anymore. It's really strange how these extremely painful "things" can happen so quickly and leave the same way.

The best news of all is that Baby is doing much better. Mommy and Daddy were able to get a reasonable amount of sleep last night - reasonable for new parents, that is. I just can't wait to start spoiling him.

I've had lots of couch time over the past five days and have been watching birds come and go at the feeders. Chipmunks gather spilled food on the ground and that squirrel is making himself at home, too. It's interesting to watch parent birds bring youngsters to the feeders. First parents feed them and gradually watch while they feed themselves. The half grown babies have trouble perching at first. I've seen mockingbirds, robins, thrashers, finches, cardinals, wrens, sparrows, nuthatches, and two or three that I didn't recognize. (Our Sibley's and our field guide are both on a top shelf that was out of my reach at the time.) Harry says that I have built a community of welfare birds right outside our sunroom windows.

I tried to crochet some while doing the couch time. It didn't go very well though - did you realize that crocheting can affect your back? Maybe I'm just weird but it was really uncomfortable. I'll get back to that later - I haven't quit.

I also discovered that Netflix can be a nice thing to have when you can't sleep. With a membership one can watch unlimited movies and/or TV shows on the computer. One night "The Sound of Music" saved me from late night infomercials and helped take my mind off my plight with my back.

It's time to get on with my evening and settle down for the night. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and being pain free enough to leave this house. I have a serious case of cabin fever. Never satisfied, am I?

Take care. My best to everyone.


Tee said...

I liked the comment about the welfare birds. I'll have to mention that to Hubby. His new, beautiful feeder has been installed and the birds found it right away.

Those back problems can be pure torture! It's surprising how your back affects your entire body. When it's out of wack you are totally out of wack.

SOUL: said...

heck mary-- sittin in my chair doin nuthin affects my back. once i decided that babying it did just as much damage as living-- i decided to get UP-- cuz it didn't really mater. :))

two days without fishin so far-- and am at this point seriously thinkin about a short jaunt to the pond this morning. just thinkin tho--- cuz i'm really tired . so i don't know yet-- i may just go back to bed. for a while.

what;s your plan today?

C.A. said...

Welfare birds! Tell Harry he made a blonde in Mayberry USA laugh outloud with that one!

I am SO glad your back is better. I hate pain. HATE IT!

I'm hoping that Baby will soon be a regular visitor to your Sunday dinners!



happyone said...

Wow, lucky you to have so many different birds come to your feeder. I love watching them too.

As you know Netflix is the only TV we watch. :-)
I like it because we watch only what we want to and when we want to.

Glad your feeling better.

Brad said...

Glad your back is feeling better - just don't get crazy and over do it! you and Bon and Karen are all so good at recognizing birds, a skill I'd like to develop - I'll have to find a feild guide.

Hope your doing something fun today !