Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Day With Baby

Sarah called me this morning to see if I had time to go out to their house to take care of Baby for a while so she could do a couple of chores, shower, and take a nap. Sooooo....nanny, nanny, bo, bo, I got to spend time with Baby today. He's growing like a little weed. It was fun to be able to hold the dear little fellow and watch him. He and I rocked, sang, watched the kitties, talked, stretched, had an awesome bottle and 'killed' two diapers. By the time Sarah was up Baby was as peaceful as a little angel sleeping soundly. I think I wore him out.

Baby does have a little problem with his digestion but it isn't affecting his growth. All my babies, and most that I've ever seen, have a tendency to spit-up following a bottle - usually during burping time. Baby has a wonderful doctor, who his parents are very confident of. She will continue to monitor him and change meds, if need be. Sarah looks tired and I'm more worried about her. Being a new first time mother is the hardest job in the whole wide world and she's wearing herself doing a top-notch job.

Harry cooked dinner on the grill this evening - two straight days without cooking. I may forget how.

I had a good day - Yes, I did. Hope you had a good day, too.


Brad said...

And you didn't get us pics ?? Ok I forgive - this time - XO love -

happyone said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed your time with the baby. :-)

kristi said...

Glad you had a good day.

Golden To Silver Val said...

There's just nothing sweeter, is there? When my grandchildren were that small I used to just breathe in their sweet baby fragrance and listen to their little grunts. So sweet. I'm so glad you enjoyed your day and even better....didn't have to cook!!!

SOUL: said...

that does sound like a wonderful day. and vals right-- it's been literally years .. since i've held an infant--- but i do remember the sweet smell. there's just nothin in the world like it. i can almost smell it now just thinkin about it.
and yep-- nice of hubby to grill for ya.
sounds like you're gettin a bit of much deserved pampering out there.
i hope you have a nice weekend to top off the last couple days--