Monday, June 16, 2008

Lesson For The Day

Harry and I watched the US Open (golf) playoff today. The playoff was between Tiger Woods and Rocco (somebody), a 45 year old golfer. They played 18 playoff holes which ended in another tie. This sent them to a sudden death playoff. In the sudden death Tiger won at the seventh (the first sudden death hole) hole. Those of you who are interested already know this and those of you who aren't could care less.

That's not what this post is about. My point is that Tiger's peers and usual competitors had failed to overcome his expertise even though Tiger was playing for the first time following knee surgery. An older player, who is currently almost unheard of on this tour, not only managed to force the US Open into an 18 hole playoff, he held Tiger for that 18 holes, too. Tiger did win in the sudden playoff but he had to work to win. True, Tiger is just getting over knee surgery but none of the world's top players managed to force a playoff - just the man with a cool attitude and a "can do" mind set.

Tiger has reason to be proud of his hard won championship. But we can all take a lesson from Rocco. With a "can do" mind set and the willingness to go out and work towards our goals we can all achieve the level to which we aspire.

Unfortunately all I aspire to these days is to do old lady things. Ambitious old fart, aren't I?

Have a wonderful day and do something fun.


Cheryl said...

Wow Mary...a daytime post! And you are not an old fart!

I didn't watch the Open, but I'm a Tiger fan. It must have been an exciting game. I had a pretty laid back one myself.

SOUL: said...

i liked this post-- and i liked the end the best- looks like we share the same aspirations. :))

Smocha said...

I know nothing about golf...:)

But I do love to see a kid with a passion. (Tiger)

I think there is NOTHING wrong with having "old lady " passions either. As an old lady myself, I must say ...old ladies rock.

happyone said...

I'm not into golf but thanks for the little lesson. :-)

Tee said...

I saw that! It was a great game. You know you are bored when you watch people play golf. Kidding aside, it was a great game. I think I have the same aspirations as you--it's fun!

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I'm sure you spent many days doing more than one should fit into 24 hours - right? so enjoy!