Friday, June 6, 2008

Hello, My Blogging Friends

Didn't post yesterday but did read and comment some. I think I commented a bit this morning but decided to wait for evening to post.

The boys were here for play day - as a matter of fact, they were here for a while yesterday, too. We always have fun and I look forward to spending time with them. They really don't need a lot of care anymore. Potty time is totally independent and they are way beyond needing help with food or drink. Even our kitty has decided they can be semi-trusted - she no longer runs to hide when she sees them. They carry on conversations with each other and with Harry and me. Some of those conversations are full of interesting thoughts. Kids are certainly smarter and more aware of the world than when I was their age.

I am already thinking about visiting my pillow. It might be lonesome and need someone to hold it. Just another way of saying I'm making this an early night.

Enjoy your evening and hug a friend or loved one. Be sure to tell them that you love them. That's important.


Brad said...

Sweet dreams sweet heart - I'll do just that - my guy had such a hard day he came straight home and went to bed. I don't know if I should wake him for dinner or let the sleeping dog lay. Have a great weekend!

SOUL: said...

you sound at peace-- that's awesome. hope today you feel the same.

see ya round my friend.