Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shopping With My Oldest Grandson

I can't believe that it's already Wednesday! Where does the time go? I can't see a thing I've accomplish. OK, that's my gripe. I'll lay it down and move on. Whew!!

Jesse, the oldest grandson, spent a little while with me this afternoon while his brother was at music class. He and I ran a few errands and I was blown away at how much help he can be. He asked me to tell him what we had to do and read my list to him. I did. I thought he was just making conversation but I was wrong. At the grocery store he remembered everything on the list - 12 things - and knew where they were. He didn't ask to stop at the toy aisle nor did he ask for anything from the junk food aisle. I asked him to select the ice cream and he selected a half gallon carton rather than Popsicles "because grown-up folks like real ice cream and kids do too."

We went to another store to get things to re-stock the treat cabinet. He made some excellent choices - well excellent choices for junk food. He also reminded me to check labels so we wouldn't get things with "too much MSG." We made a couple of other stops and he proved himself a real help there as well. When we got home he was front and center to help carry things inside.

This child won't be 6 until October but he's becoming a little gentleman and a honest help to Nana. Did I mention that he opened doors for me?

Yeah, I know. Nana loves to brag but believe me today Jessee deserves it.


happyone said...

Wow Jesse did all that and not even 6 years old yet!! Impressive!! Glad you two had such a nice time together.

C.A. said...

What a great man he will become, too!

You make me look forward to having grandchildren, Mary. I hope you know that!



Tee said...

I'm impressed. Hopefully, he will stay motivated through his teen years. LOL! Sounds like you have a fine young man on your hands. Grand kids have the perfect name, they are grand kids. I didn't think of that, my brother's father-in-law thought of that when his first grand child was born, my brother's oldest son, the first great grand child and the first nephew.

Mary said...

I re-read my post and relaize that I made it sound like Jesse could name off all 12 items on the list. We left the list in the car and when I was ready to check out I only had 11 items. I told Jesse that we'd have to go to the car to check our list because one item was missing. He looked in the cart while I was talking to another shopper. When she moved on Jesse told me what was missing - celery. It certainly impressed me.

simonsays said...

That's a pretty impressive kid you've go there. Someday, he will be the best husband...



that is remarkable that he holds doors at his age!! Very polite indeed! His parents and grandparents are doing a wonderful job..I wish more parents taught that respect.

Holding doors now, someday laying down his coat over puddles!! I wish men still did that, too. :)

Have a great Friday Mary!