Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This Morning's Surprise

One never knows when a surprise will show up - maybe that's why it's called a surprise. This morning I was on the screened porch and thought I caught the wonderful fragrance of gardenia. I thought I was mistaken because I didn't plant one and just dismissed it from my mind. Later I decided to walk around the beds in back to see just how much work it will take to get them back in order. Guess what!! The little azalea that didn't bloom this spring is a miniature gardenia. Duh!! It was on a cheapie shelf at the nursery and obviously was mislabeled. I never had a small gardenia and I think it's so neat. Now nothing can ruin my day. It's not a good pic but the blooms are close to the ground.
While I was outside with the camera I took a couple of other pics. These are my balloon flowers. I put them in three summers ago and they come back every year. They are always get comments because the bud is folded and puffed up - guess that's why it's called a balloon flower.
This picture was an afterthought as I was coming inside. It was made standing under our Contorted Hazel - or "Henry Lauder's Walking Stick" It's branches are really interesting. They twist and turn in every direction but aren't intrusive. I have the bird feeders on the other side of this tree because the little birds love to perch in this tree. As an aside, I have been led to believe this tree is native to Scotland.
I'm waiting for a roofer to come and give me an estimate on replacing the porch roof. I'm also having a sunroom company do the same. I haven't heard anything bad about metal roofs. Thank you so very much to those of you who responded to my post and to those who emailed me. I think you are all correct - a metal roof will be my decision. Just waiting for estimates.
Each day is getting easier and easier. Thanks for your kind words - they help keep me on track.


SOUL: said...

i like gardenias... i don't even remember what they smell like anymore tho- hmm.
glad you're feelin better better--


Brad said...

I always check out the odd lot tables at nurserys. You never know what you might find - You hit the jackpot! The best part for me is getting the bargin.

happyone said...

Such a nice surprise for you!
I really like that tree. I've never seen one like it before.

Summer said...

I love gardenias and lilacs. Can you do me a favor? Can you send me that picture of the gardenias? I see the strangest image in it and I can't seem to enlarge it from your blog.

Smocha said...

What a

I also just discovered I had a miniature gardenia right outside my back door.

Over 3 years it has to have been there and I never knew that's what it was. I'm a little s...l...o...w.

They do smell heavenly!

Mary said...

Summer, I can't find your email address. If you'll send it to me, I'll be more than happy to send you the picture of the gardenia. I'm a little slow - I looked but didn't see an image. What do you see?

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh that little plant is precious! My mom had one in a pot that we kept inside. When it bloomed, the whole house was just filled with the fragrance. She always said they were fussy and when they moved after being in the same house for 27 years, the plant promptly died after being moved to the other house (3 miles away). Strange but true. Anyway...enjoy!

Summer said...