Sunday, June 1, 2008

A New Week - A New Beginning

Today the was a bit strange. It was really disjointed. Pot roast with gravy, pork country ribs with BBQ sauce (my recipe), steamed cauliflower, macaroni & cheese, salad, and breads. Brownies to wrap things up. Various drinks. It's poor planning but no one left hungry. Everything was easy to do and required very little on my part. I'm not really that lazy but my back is still on the warpath. Everyone was here except Bud, Sarah, and Baby. They are still dealing with sleep deprivation also they live several miles away. Harry and I surely miss them as does the rest of the gang.

We had a mini thunderstorm late today. At least it brought us a bit more rain. One of these days we may be back to a normal water table - I certainly hope so.

I watched the first laps of today's NASCAR race but didn't watch after that. I was more comfortable sitting in a straight kitchen chair. The grandson's Mother sat with me in the kitchen and we talked about some of the things planned for the boys summer vacation. The boys kept coming back and eating a little bit more of this and more of that until they weren't interested in the treat cabinet. I keep the treat cabinet stocked but the goodies have to be earned by eating good food. That cabinet has been a blue ribbon winner. I don't have to make any decisions. The boys make the decisions with their eating habits.

My best to everyone this evening. I wish you an uncomplicated week ahead. Take care.


C.A. said...

Sorry your back is bothering you, Mary. :( Hopefully today you'll be better. I also hope that Buddy and Sara and Baby will be able to participate in family dinner soon. That's SO important, I know. I'd be itching to spend more time with that baby!




RIGHT back atcha on a good week!!

I hope your back settles herself down..perhaps you're due for a lovely delicious massage?

do they give you the heepie geepies? That usually happens to me, creaps me out if some professional is helping out my back..

Anyhoooooooo to you and your family a really nice week too!!

May it rain but not to much just enough to help growth. :)


Mary said...

Cindi, Thanks. Baby is doing better today and so is my back.

Mary said...

Elizabeth, My back is better today. I love the spa for manicure, pedicure, and facial but I'm not comfortable with the message thing. How is hubby's foot? I hope he isn't in constant pain.