Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We Did Our Part

Today is primary election in Alabama. Harry and I ventured out to the poll to do our part. We went at a time when we expected the crowd to be small since we can vote anytime during the time the polls are open. Working folks are a bit more limited. There wasn't a waiting line but movement was constant. It was good to see a steady line of voters at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. If your state is having a primary or if the polls are open for any reason, please vote. It's both a freedom and an obligation if we expect to maintain that freedom.

OK, I'm off my soap box.

While Harry and I were out I suggested that we have an earlier than early dinner at LongHorn before going home. It was really pleasant - no crowd - dedicated service - delicious food. Harry had a porterhouse steak so rare it could have walked to the table - just the way he likes it - and the all trimmings. I had a cup of french onion soup and a green salad with chicken. (We all know by now how I feel about green salads.) Wow, I don't have to cook tonight. Whatever will I do with the extra time?

My back pain is like a bad dream that never happened. I'm bragging NOT complaining. I gave it an extra day just to be sure the episode is over. Tomorrow I plan to do a bit of much needed work outside. It's getting pretty hot but some things are crying out for attention. I'll just have to start really early and be through before the sun hits the front border.

Man, oh, man!!! If you're looking for an exciting blog I'm sure this is it. NOT!! Dullsville, baby, dullsville. Old farts can't stand a lot of excitement, though. I'm closing before I bore myself.

Hope you have happy days and find something fun along the way.


Brad said...

Not boring love - just real life.

Take care

Cheryl said...

Real life it is. It seems I'm following Brad everywhere I go. I wonder if I could come up with something exciting to write about tonight. No, don't think so.

Glad you had a night off. I'll have to turn on the TV to see the outcome of the election.

Smocha said...

lol I am also stagnating in dulls ville.:0

I MUST come up with something to write about today:)

I can't believe you went to longhorn and ate salad. Shame on you girl!!:)

Happy humpday.

happyone said...

I like to go to Longhorn - we go once in a while too. I love their baby back ribs.