Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer is Definately Here

Winter is over and summer is here. I know most of you are happy to see a break in your long, unpredictable winter. I am, too, for that matter................but. It's 95 degrees with 70% humidity (according to Harry's razzle ya, dazzle ya weather measuring gadget) and not a breath of air moving. This is the part of the year that I hate. Humidity is not my friend and it certainly is not a friend to my hair. Yesterday I had Mary cut it short for the summer because that's the only solution.

Harry mowed the lawn this morning and is now outside doing some trimming and pruning. I keep looking out the window to be sure he hasn't hit the ground - don't want to go out there if I don't need to. I know he won't go up in smoke because it's too humid for anything to burn. I honestly do not know how he can bear working outside in this heat. He reminds me, though, that he's a south central Alabama boy and was raised in this heat. God only knows it was never like this in the mountains. I spent three weeks one July in the New Mexico "nothing but sand and scrub" country and it was never this uncomfortable. I guess you've heard enough of my b**c*ing for one day. On to other things.

The grandsons are taking their parents to Townsend (just outside Gatlinburg on the south side) next weekend. They prefer (as do we) to stay outside the tourist mega center. The attraction for all our family is the trails, the scenery, and the cool mountain streams. The boys made sure their cabin has a hot tub and/or a BIG bathtub. Never mind a stove -"We can eat treats so Mommy doesn't have to cook and Daddy doesn't have to take us to eat." These kids have it all figured out. They'll be planning and packing all week.

Harry and I haven't discussed a vacation for this summer. I'd like to book a fall cruise off New England and Eastern Canada but haven't mentioned it yet. Dare I? I know he'll agree if I ask. We'd like to see our little family who are in Phoenix but I don't want to go in the summer time. 115 is just too much heat for me. Golly, Judy, why don't you and Rick transfer to somewhere cooler? Maddie is going to be toast. Last time I talked to Judy she said that they were planning to be here at Thanksgiving. We all really, really hope so. Judy, Rick, and Maddie haven't met Baby yet. He'll be so happy to see them, as will we all.

Enough running on and on. Gotta go check on Harry again. I wish he'd come inside so I can relax.

Hope you're either enjoying a comfortable day or inside relaxing. Whatever, have a good day.


Tee said...

Oh my goodness, I feel your pain about the heat! We got up really early this morning, even though neither of us slept well last night, and got out in our garden to finish putting up wire and string for our greenbeans to climb and tied up some of our tomotoes. We worked out there until the sun got on the garden. I just can't work in that heat, but Hubby needed some help. I had started the project yesterday while he was working, but didn't finish because of the heat. I understand completely. I think we need to live in Maine, rather than Georgia. LOL!

Mary said...

Tee, Harry came in looking like he'd been pulled through the hedge backwards. Let's you and I run away to New England until fall is here. You inspired me to add the drip irrigation system to our front border (that I've had so much trouble with). I collected information and studied it, I'll hand water with a hose until we decide on the system to use. Anyway thanks for posting about yours. I'm inspired.

C.A. said...

I feel your pain, Mary. It's sweltering here with ridiculous humidity, also!

I vote for a Fall Cruise! I'm in cruise mode right now though, so you may not want to count my vote.

The boys are going to have a great time on vacation!

Happy Saturday Night!


Cheryl said...

The heat is so oppressive. I can't believe Harry was mowing. Not good for him even if he wants to. Oh well. The next few days will definitely be inside ones for me.

I'd love to do a fall New England cruise one day. I've heard it's wonderful.

Enjoy your Sunday. Stay cool.

happyone said...

We are having one of those hot days too, but I'd rather have the heat than ice and snow.
I'm going to have to get outside tomorrow and mow my lawn. I've been putting it off too long.