Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hello, There

It's Sunday night and getting close to bed time. I'm still watching my schedule very closely. Haven't had meds for pain, back spasms, or to help me sleep in the past week and I've been fairly comfortable.

The boys and their parents are in the Smoky Mountains this weekend and will return on Wednesday of this week. Their house sitter is taking care of their kitty and holding the fort down, so to speak. The youngest boy was so excited because their chalet has both a hot tub and a "biiiig batf tub" (a whirlpool). The oldest was excited because they are on tippy top of the mountain and can see far "and it's a boo-ti-fullllllllll scene" They are just enjoying nature and staying away from the tourist mega centers. That is so good. They have been so busy for the last two years that they need a little time to relax and enjoy each other.

The oldest son, Joe, was here today as was Bud, Sarah, and Baby. Baby is still having a little trouble with his tummy. He's only six weeks old and such a sweet, cuddly little bundle. They weren't here long and I didn't get to make pics. I was busy holding him and totally forgot the camera until it was too late.

Judy, our daughter in Phoenix, called to talk to her Dad late today. She and I talked a bit, too. I asked if they were ever coming back east and she said they would love to - it just depends if there is a job opening somewhere along the east coast. The granddaughter is 16 months old now and I'm sure she's quiet a little lady. Saturday morning finds her in a little gymnastic class. Judy says she loves it. Wish I could watch her and have her explain it all to me in 16 month old jibberish.

I made a large pork loin roast today. We also had a salad that included lots of "stuff" from fruit to veggies. In keeping with Harry and my plan to eat less, we sent leftovers home with Sarah.

When I make a plan and settle on it I can be a pretty determined and stubborn old gal. This diet and life style change is something I have to do. It really isn't so hard once you make up your mind to do what you need to do.

Only have about 10 minutes until bed time and I still have to brush my teeth. More information that you needed? Sorry about that.

Hope everyone has a pleasant week.


SOUL: said...

what a slow weekend in blogland eh??
i thought it was me, but there's no one anywhere apparently.

so anyhow--= i thought i'd say hello back atcha--
before i go brush my own teeth and go to bed :))

hope you have sleep good tonight--

bonnie said...

I'm glad you are feeling pretty good. Doesn't it seem like making the commitment to change is the hardest part? I'm still battling myself with that part. I think I'll know what to do once I kill the alternative. You are going to do well.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You know I KNOW what I have to do and have done it many many times, quite successfully....I cannot seem to get that "click" in my head. That is the only thing that works for me---something literally changes in my haed and then, there is no trouble with a so called diet. I'm afraid I'm just not there yet. Muvh Great Good Luck to you with your diet and all the other things you are doing....!

happyone said...

I love vacations that are away from all the tourists, I think that's why I enjoyed our walking vacations so much.

Dinner sounds delicious - I love pork but don't eat it all that much.

I have lived with my walking for exercise for so long that it doesn't even seem like exercise anymore - just something I love to do.
Good luck with your continuing good health life style change.

Tee said...

That's good news about your back. Maybe those muscles are just too exhausted. As to your eating, eat several small meals a day, it's better for your body that three big meals and it speeds up your metabolism. That's what we all need a faster metabolism.

Cheryl said...

I can't imagine having your daughter and her family live so far away when having your brood near is so important to you. Maybe one day, like she said. My older sister lives in GA. I'd love to have her nearby. We'd be best friends, in person.

Glad you're feeling better. I'm like you with a plan...once I finally make one, I stick with it. I can't believe I'm still's unlike me, but it feels so great, especially when it's over!