Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friday = Happy Day

It's Thursday evening which means tomorrow is play day. Yipeeee!!! Harry is taking the oldest boy to the golf course to putt on the putting green early in the day. The youngest and I will do something special until the "big boys" get back home. I have to really enjoy my time with the boys tomorrow because they are leaving for a trip to the mountains and won't be here for gathering day.

The weather here is hot, humid, and dry. No rain. Pollen count is high. Outside work is not really complete. But, so what!! A hundred years from now no one will know that I'm so far behind I'll never catch up and even now no one cares.

I've been pretty home bound for a week or so and, if Harry will go with me, I may browse through the huge antique store not far from our house. It's the only store that I've ever seen that has everything from thrift store stuff to fine European antiques. I don't need one thing but I do love to look. I'm a sucker for antique hand knotted rugs from the mid-east. Maybe they won't have one for me to drool over - my floors are covered and a couple of rugs are stored. Now you know my real weakness. When I was in DC on a regular basis, I always visited the antique rug store in Alexandria, VA.

Time has slipped away and I need to call it a day. Trying to keep the beddie-bye time constant to regulate my sleep.

My best to everyone.


SOUL: said...

i really hope you slept well last night!!!!
i hope you have fun fun fun today!
i like to browse antique stores too, but the sticker shock kinda takes the fun out of it--
champagne taste on a beer budget is a bummer sometimes.
your plans make me want to hit a yard sale or a junk store tho-- :))

have a great day

Mary said...

I enjoy looking at all the wonderful imported antiques but I sure don't want one of them. Wouldn't want the responsibility of taking proper care of it. I'm both old and lazy, you know.

Brad said...

I can loose whole afternoons in antique stores. Luckily the house is full of furniture so the temptation to buy is low. Unless I can find something that 'needs' to be replaced :) - oriental rugs are a weakness for me too.

Hope you have a great Gathering day - even if you do have to do it with out your little men. XO-BC

happyone said...

Hope your enjoying your Friday.
The antique store sounds great. I too love looking around in them even if I don't buy anything.

Tee said...

The antique looking sounds like so much fun. I don't need another thing to put in my house, but it's fun to look.

Cheryl said...

Friday=day before Saturday, and I can't wait. To read my book or to read blogs? My book is calling. And it's 20 minutes till lights out. I try to keep my bedtime on schedule too.

simonsays said...

I hope your weekend has been awesome and that you have been feeling better!

I love that you love antiques, somehow I think that fits you, you are such a classy lady and it's just sounds right.

Happy Sunday!


Cheryl said...

I hope you had a wonderful Sunday. I just read your comment to Little Dynamite and it left me nostalgic for Spanish moss and live oaks. I will dearly miss going to Edisto this summer. I'm in love with the Lowcountry.