Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm a Bragging Nana

It's no secret that I'm one of those grandmother's who lives through their grandchildren. Their vacations are better than my own. I take so much pleasure in their delight with the world around them. Each new experience is a treasure to little children.

This is the chalet/cabin the little family rented for a short 'get-away'. It is at the top of a mountain with bluff views on three sides. There were balconies on both levels and on three sides. Sunset on one of the balconies. This is Mary, Keith (my son), and James (4 yrs). Jesse made the picture. He's proud of becoming one of the family photographers.

Jesse (5 yrs) is patiently waiting at the edge of a trail for instructions. He's really 'into' collecting insects. He specializes in dragon flies and grasshoppers. He uses his 'bug' book to identify them.

Tee, this one's for you. Did you know there are Dalmatian horses as well as Dalmatian cows? The boys were really impressed with this horse. James is still expecting a Dalmatian puppy - a real live one.
All good things must come to an end. Last evening in paradise is a bit subdued but we can store our memories and dream of our next vacation. Jesse looks a bit sad.

James has moved on to the dreams of next vacation. Surely next trip will be to the beach. "Did you see that Dalmatian horse?"

At the end of the day the boys love each other and aren't shy about saying so. They are happy with whatever each new day brings. Some are just better than others. (Can you tell that Jesse has lost his two front teeth?
Forgive me for being a braggart. I don't mean to be - I just love all the children.
All is well in my world. The kids are home safely and I continue to improve.
Thanks for stopping by. You all come back now, ya heah.


Tee said...

I bet those boys got really excited over those spotted horses. LOL! Oh my, that child doesn't know what he's asking for when he wants a Dalmatian. My vet told me if I ever got one, "please don't bring it to me for care, because they are stupid dogs." I was shocked, but we are friends and have no reason not to believe him. :-(

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Mary, you have a right to brag, they are such sweet and very cute little boys. I have a weak spot in my heart for little boys, nothing like them and my favorite age is 10. At 10 they are just before getting into that awkward age and old enough to really have fun with and interesting conversations with. But I really enjoyed every age. I had no daughters but I have two granddaughters so now I get to learn all about little girls!
(And to tee up above, your vet is right, my best friend had one, he'd climb up on top of her car, he would bite you right in the face, you couldn't train him, you couldn't control him at all. She ended up giving him to a family that lived out in the country that had other dalamations. But he was a cutie when he was a puppy for sure.)
And back to you Mary, thanks for sharing those sweet boys and it looks like they had a great vacation.

Mary said...

Robbin, thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting. I raised two sons and loved every minute of it. These two boys are a constant source of fun for me. I have two step children and they are just as precious as my own.

Tee and Robbin, We were warned about the Curse of the Dalmatian. I hope James decides that what he wants is a white puppy with black spots. He may say no but when a puppy - any puppy - gives him a first "kiss" James will love it.

simonsays said...

I love the pics Mary, you have the most beautiful children and your grandchildren - omg - they are beautiful. It looks like they had the best of times, and just think...the memories of their family vacations will be something they will treasure forever. Just reading this post made me smile.

Have a wonderful weekend.


SOUL: said...

looks like a great time they had--
i'd be showin those kids off too-- my day will come -- i wonder if we'll still be bloggin then?? ya reckon?? ugh-- ya know-- it may not be that far away-- scareeeeeee.

anyhow-- i LOVE that house they stayed at-- just picture that on a lake-- was it??

wellp-- hope you have a great weekend mary--

happyone said...

It was so nice to see all the pictures! Looks like a great place for a vacation and that they enjoyed themselves.

Mary said...

Soul, I will probably be bloggin' until the end - I kinda like it. I hope your grandchildren and a few years away but whenever they come you'll find they are delightful little creatures.

The house is on top of a mountain just outside Gatlinburg (in the Smoky Mountains) It sets on the face of a bluff with views that go on forever. There's a mountain stream just to the left and around a curve. Trout in it. The house would be wonderful on a lake, too.

Anonymous said...

I raised two sons as well, and now with 3 grandchildren I really feel happy and content. We have planned a cottage trip in August with them all, and to read your blog just warms my heart. You have a beautiful family and just a lovely and interesting blog. One can really tell that you write straight from your heart.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

What a beautiful family - you deserve to be proud!

AlabamaGal said...

Those are some very good photos and the boys are precious!
We agree, chaining is cruel. We wouldn't do that to Cinnamon so we gave her away.

I love that cabin too. It looks like a great place to get away!

Thanks for always leaving comments at my blog. I don't comment as often as I should but I do read you!


Cheryl said...

HI Mary,
I was three posts behind but I'm caught up. The boys are lucky to have a nana that brags about them. Your are the best!

I'm glad you made a roofing decision. Good luck with finding the right people to do it for you.

I wonder where I'd want to travel if I could pick anywhere. And don't like to fly. That's limiting. I would fly, I just don't like it.

Hope it was a good Sunday for you. did you have the whole family? Local family, that is.

SOUL: said...

i'll take a trout filled stream any day of the week-- or for the rest of my life-- as long as i didnt have to freeze to death for it :))

btw-- i eat trout-- no catch n release for those bad boys. maybe if they were a daily catch i would.. but since they aren't.. i'd eat every single one i caught :))

anyhow-- i hope you have a good day today--
btw-- where are you ?