Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Week Begins

It's Sunday night and all is well in our little corner of the world. We were two short for gathering day. Sarah's (our expectant mommy) parents are visiting and she and Harry, Jr, spent the day with them. It's as it should be. Her parents came from MN to spend a few days before going on to Florida for a few weeks. Everyone else was here and the afternoon and evening went well. I made roast beef, garlic mashed potatoes, gravy, and a garden salad with fresh veggies. Everyone went home happy and content. They were all planning an early-to-bed evening in order to begin their week tomorrow morning rested and ready.

Next week is Super Bowl Sunday. I don't get excited about the game but do not want to miss a one of the commercials. I hope they are as good this year as they've been in the past. You are correct, I'm a sucker for silly or catchy ads. I hope everyone comes and we make a party out of it but I won't tell the children that. If they want to watch with their friends it will be OK. Harry and I will watch, giggle, and maybe if I behave myself he might even hold my hand.

For now, I wish you a good night's sleep to set the stage for a happy and fulfilling week. Thanks for visiting.


C.A. said...

Mary, have you started planning your beach getaway yet?


you are soo cute!!
My favorite is in fact the commercials...but I rather love the excitement with another Manning in run for a ring..imagine the glowing dad..he with his ring, and his two sons..very very cool.
Have a great week!
I LOVE the picture, by the way!


P.S. I left you a comment below regarding Diane's novel...isn't it amazing? I'm curious to know where you're at, what you're thinking...Elise and her connected me...I LOVE Diane's book. Actually, have passed it along to my mom.

SOUL: said...

i don't like the game so much as i do the food..and commercials myself.. depends on who's playing tho.
who is playin btw? i haven't even paid attention .
i used to.
oh well..
i hope y'all do hold hands, and have lots of fun!
happy monday

Cheryl said...

I'm a commercial person too. I don't watch football at all. Maybe that's why I never get invited to the games. I'd go! I'd watch!