Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Day After the Night Before

I hope by tomorrow my world is back in sync. Last evening and night really messed up my timing. All's well that ends well so let's move on.

I had every intention of changing my blog name from Mary to something more unique but when I think about it maybe not. Mary is a common basic name and I'm a common basic woman so the name fits. For now I think I'll let everything stay the same.

I slow roasted a Boston Butt in the oven today. The convection oven really makes oven roasting easy. We had the ever present green salad, steamed cauliflower, oven baked potato wedges, and various condiments. The boys mom made some really unique cookies (white choc and peppermint) that are out of this world. She uses a variety of flour and grains in her cooking. The lady is an inventive cook and rarely has a failure. I haven't told my blogger friends much about her. Hold on to your hats. We share the same first and middle names. Mary Ruth. How cool is that? She is a lovely lady and a wonderful, attentive mother to the grandsons. I forget that she's my daughter-in-law and not my daughter sometimes and have to remind myself. She is always ready to help me at any time - and does so with love and a smile. I didn't ask permission but am going to post one of my favorite pictures of her. This picture was made Easter 07 while the boys were hunting Easter eggs in our back yard. Isn't she a beauty?
Over the next few blogs I intend to relate a few things I remember about growing up. Ricky is printing my blogs and most of the comments (the ones wishing Beatrice well) for my sister. She is doing well but finding the necessity to be in rehab a bit limiting for her taste. Can't say that I blame her. Love you Sis.
Wish me a long night of sound sleep. I wish the same for each of you. My best to all. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


Cheryl said...

I hope you get a full night's sleep. It's time for me to turn this off and do the same.

I'm wishing your sister gets back home soon. It must be so hard to be out of your environment and routines.

C.A. said...

Oh Mary...your so not a common woman! That's why enjoy your blog so very much!

Your daughter in law is so beautiful...and she sounds very sweet. No wonder you sometimes forget she's not your daughter. :)

Please tell your sister she is still in my thoughts and prayers. Rehab, plain and simply sucks. I'm sending her wishes that it wont be long before she right back in her comfortable, loving world almost as good as new.

It's so sweet of Ricky to print out your blog. I always find it to be an uplifting, wonderful read.



SOUL: said...

the name thing is pretty funny--- although i wonder if it makes your son uncomfortable at all. hmm. maybe early on? maybe it's just me.

moving on.
hope you did sleep well..and got no new kinks.

happy monday to you and harry


She is beautiful!!!!! You are loved and how amazing is that!!

Please wish your sister loving recovery blessings from your friend up in chicago!

that's a great idea to print out your blog, a great keepsake for sure!!


happyone said...

So nice to have such a wonderful daughter-in-law - though she is lucky to have you for a mother-in-law as well. :-)
I am getting hungry reading about your dinner.
Everything sounds so good.
Your sister is still in my prayers.
Enjoy your day.

Mary said...

Thanks to everyone for sending thoughts and prayers for Beatrice. It does mean a lot to her and to me as well.

We're truly blessed with both our daughters-in-law and our son-in-law as well. The higher power dealt us the best hand.

My son was taken aback when he realized that he'd fallen madly in love with a girl by the same name as his mother. That may have lasted a full 10 minutes. It's not as strange as you might think. I'm the fifth generation in direct line to be named Mary Ruth. The first was a young child who survived the Mountain Meadow Massacre. Just a bit of trivia before I get on with the stuff I have to take care of today.

simonsays said...

No way are you common or plain, and btw, neither is your daughter-in-law, she's quite bautiful, too. You are very lucky to have one that you care so much about, that makes everything so much easier.

Have a good week Mary---It is Monday, again...