Monday, January 21, 2008

Plans and Gripes

Monday is over and I finally feel rested after a busy, busy weekend. Not complaining - I wouldn't have had it any other way. It's still cold here - how can it be so cold when the sun is so bright? Something doesn't compute. Brrrrrrr

I need to clear out another closet tomorrow. I hate to say the clothes there are mine, too. I'll take them to the Women and Children's Shelter. They need the clothes and seem to appreciate everything anyone does for them. Their clothes closet is clean and neat.

A couple of years ago when I donated clothes I took them to Salvation Army. I washed, ironed, and folded or put on hangers the clothing I was donating. I thought it would be a burden for them to prepare the clothes for someone to wear. The woman who accepted my clothes just threw them in a pile of dirty, smelly clothes on the concrete floor. The clothes on hangers she jerked off and threw on the pile, too. Never again will I take any donations there. Sorry, I need to get off my soap box.

I'm going to find a warm place to curl up with my blankie and read for a while before going nite-nite.


Cheryl said...

That is something to gripe about. I fold clothes, and they're clean when I donate them. It sounds like you've got the perfect place to donate your clothes to now.

Stay warm today!

Robyn said...

thanks for your nice comment! I'm glad to know about your blog! -Robyn

Ex-Shammickite said...

I have just donated 3 whole bags of clothes to our local Care and Share Charity Shop... some were mine, most belonged to OlderSon and his beloved, they are cleaning out closets to make room for the new baby-to-be.... not that they are going to put the baby in the closet.... I hope not anyway!

simonsays said...

Mary - I think thats an awful thing to do, and I don't blame you for being irritated about it.

I'm happy that you have a place to donate to now. There is no place for me to give to, unless I want to drive forever, and that is why my closets look the way they do. I cannot bring myself to throw it all away---but I don't want it. I have to bite the bullet soon and DO something about it.

Have a good day today.


SOUL: said...

just cruisin around to say hello---
hope your day is a good one.

jAMiE said...

I love curling up with a blankie and reading...enjoy!