Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Long Busy Day

Lots of things happened at our house today. Nothing bad just busy. This was the day I went to Sam's club and bought the usual staples, etc. I think every person holding a Sam's card was there. Yeah, and only three check-out stations were open. One of the three was for "flat bed" only. There was a lovely wait in a long line between a lady with four tired, sleepy children and a young couple who should have been in divorce court instead of Sam's. $300+ later I was loading the loot in my car and was almost cross eyed from exhaustion. Harry had several errands so we didn't try to do everything together today.

After our ventures in the outside world we packed some corals for shipping. Today's order was sent to Midlothian, VA. Yesterday we shipped to three different customers. It's good that people are beginning to buy propagated coral and let the wild coral grow. More and more people are beginning to grow reef tanks in their homes.

According to our local weather predictions, we should have a bit of rain followed by sleet and snow tomorrow. The ground is warm so I don't believe we'll have an accumulation. It seems we, in north Alabama, talk about ice and snow but it rarely happens. I'm not complaining, I'm bragging. I've seen more than my share of blizzards.

I have nothing interesting to write about this evening and find that I'm just looking for words. My mind is blank. Now that I've admitted it I believe I'll just say, "Good night."


SOUL: said...

hmmm... did you have to mention the weather?
we are sposed to have cold wet weather here too-- and if i don't get out and catch up on stuff.. i will not be happy. not to say i won't be miserable in the cold rain...but that's life in the big city.

k.. well.. have a happy humpday

simonsays said...

You are a brave, brave woman to go to Sam's club by yourself. :)

Ice and snow...ugh. Another storm predicted for iowa tonight and tomorrow...I think I'll move to Alabama.

Have a good day!

happyone said...

We don't go to Sam's Club but do have a BJ's that we go to.
We are supposed to get the snow, ice and sleet too before it turns to rain. It's like you said here too - more talk about bad weather than actually getting any.
Maybe this too will pass by both of us. :-)