Thursday, January 3, 2008

Brrrrrrr - Winter Arrived

It's been a cold day here in the Sunny South. So cold, in fact, that I don't want to leave the house again until it warms up. For dinner we went to a new steakhouse that's opened for business in our little valley. We two old folks nearly froze to death! Dinner was excellent.

The boys will be here tomorrow and I can't wait. They didn't come last Friday so we have a lot of playing to catch up on. We're going to make rain sticks out of paper towel tubes, kitchen foil, popcorn kernels and tape. If that goes well, we may make caterpillars or snakes out of egg cartons and string. When they were here this past Sunday, they made cootie catchers out of pre-printed patterns. I'm so glad we have another little boy on the way 'cause these two are going to grow up and think Nana's projects are just too silly to do.

I don't know a lot to say tonight. I could ramble on and on but this is not the night for that. I'm tired and my pillow is lonesome. I must go keep it company.

Hope everyone has a restful night and a good day tomorrow. My best to everyone. Thanks for visiting.


C.A. said...

Mary, you are the coolest Grandma EVER! :) Youre not just making projects with the boys, youre making memories.

Cheryl said...

This should be our last really cold morning. Good. I don't like to shiver.

Have so much fun with your boys. You really are a wonderful mother and grandmother. The boys are so lucky!

SOUL: said...

how did the creative bug miss ME????
i am so non creative it's embarrassing!
can i come to one of your grandkid days??? :))
and happy friday
ps.. it's freezin ass cold here too (for me).. 30 ish.. but we are "supposed to see 75 this weekend WOO HOO.. you know i'll be fishin! (i hope)

happyone said...

Cold here too, but the sun is out and shining and the sky is such a pretty blue.
Have fun with your grandkids. :-)

AlabamaGal said...

I think you're the best Grandma! I know the boys love their time with you.

I just made some soup and we had the pumpernickel bread. Bless Armando's heart, he tried to like the bread, but he didn't.In the end, he said, It is bitter. I am sorry, I tried to like it. LOL

It has been cold. One of our pipes busted but it is repaired now.