Friday, January 18, 2008

Busy Weekend Ahead

It's a beautiful day but cold. Temp is 34 degrees at 10:30 AM. I know that is mild for some but for old southern bones it is cold. The weather gurus are predicting snow this evening but it should be south of us. That's right - SOUTH of Huntsville. I hope they're correct. We have a lot to do. Snow would not be our friend for the next couple of days.

The grandsons will be here after lunch so I'll have playmates for awhile. The oldest has music from 3:45 until 4:30 today. He's really gotten interested in learning since he found it's possible for him to play simple melodies. The younger was promoted to a more advanced class last week. His lesson is on Thursday. Yesterday was his first lesson with the "play real songs" class.
Both boys really enjoy playing the piano and are ready to practice without reminders. I hope they inherited the musical ability that several of my family have. Time will tell. Whatever happens these classes/lessons are valuable.

This evening Harry and I will be packing the small live corals to take to Nashville on Saturday morning. (Which explains why snow will not be our friend tomorrow.) This isn't an overnight stay. Tomorrow will be a long day. We'll share the driving so there will be nap time if needed. I intend to take my camera; maybe I'll get some good pictures.

It's time for me to get up and clear the deck for a busy couple of days. I probably won't post again until Sunday but I will cruise a bit when I take a break. Make this weekend one of your best ever - don't take no for an answer. Thanks for visiting my blog. All comments are appreciated.


simonsays said...

Have a safe and fun weekend! And do take lots of pictures.

I hope you don't have to drive in the snow---it seems to be snowing all over this year, doesn't it?

Summer said...

You are going to Tennessee?

Mary said...

Thanks, Jamie

Yes, Summer. We're only 25 miles from the southern central Tennessee state line. On a normal day we can be in Nashville in 2 1/2 hours without rushing.

Summer said...

Somehow I didn't think you were that close. I wish I was so I could visit my blog friend Tina. Have a good weekend and stay warm!


I love that! MAke this weekend the BEST EVER!!
Funny you say that when with wind chill it's -25 to -35 know what windchill is,right? it's how the temps acturally feel combining the actual temp and wind factor..OUCH! But I will make the best of it..perfect opportunity for movie maddness night with the two older boys, the game SORRY and CLUE too!
Maybe I can get Bigdogg to play JENGA with me!
See you back here on Sunday! Please keep yourown wonderful bones warm!!
music is fabulous for children!!! Very very cool!

happyone said...

Hope you didn't get that snow!! and that you have a safe trip.
Look forward to the pictures.