Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Makin' Plans?

The end of yet another beautiful day finds kitty asleep in her favorite chair and Harry snoozing (resting his eyes, you understand) while the dolphins on Animal Planet save swimmers from shark attacks. As for me, I'm a bit heavy eyed myself. I'll be abed before much longer.

I'm continuing to work towards cleaning those hard to reach places in the house while hoping to eliminate at least a truck load of stuff. I opened a box that's been stored in the very back of my linen closet for - well, no one knows how long. It was full of yarn, embroidery floss, counted cross stitch canvas/cloth, and various other needle craft supplies. I even found the tapestry that I worked on for a long time. Everything in the box has either been given away or thrown in the trash except for the tapestry. I promised myself to finish it. We'll see.

It's tax time again. The forms were in today's mail. Now that I'm older it seems birthdays and tax time come more and more often. A few years ago I became dissatisfied with the bookkeeping software available so I wrote my own program just for myself. I still use it but I'm sure it would seem "old-school" to young, more experienced computer users. It's written so that I can keep a running total by month and by year. I code tax deductibles so I can make a report (a list really) of tax deductions. I can print it out and give Harry the information. He's the tax guy in this house.

Tomorrow is golf day. Weather permitting we intend to go to a course that's new to us. If the weather rains on our parade, so to speak, we'll have to make new plans. I'd like to do something outside the house because it's predicted to be cold again by Saturday. I'm suffering from fresh air deficiency.

Does anyone have exciting plans for these winter-gray days before spring arrives? I have plans to make plans, but no plans have come to mind. Everyone plan to have a comfortable night and a happy tomorrow. Bye for now.


jAMiE said...

Hmmm...sounds like a fun time will be had b y you, playing golf.
I have an important doctors appointment, so my day will be spent that way...well at least a few hours anyway...otherwise no real plans except to be with my honey online when he gets home.

Enjoy your game!

happyone said...

Oh I love cleaning out closets and drawers. Did a little of that myself yesterday.
No special plans for me - just enjoying each day as it comes. :-)
I hope you have a nice day for your golf came.

SOUL: said...

golfing still?
i always wanted to drive one of those carts..never have tho.
hope you have a good rest of the day

Cheryl said...

No plans here yet. I have plans to have plans, like you. Today I just walked Sam's and Target, like I didn't have a care. It was a good day. I plan to take my mom to Old Country Buffet next week.

Were you able to golf today? Our day turned dark and rainy.

You mentioned a new magazine. What do you get?

Mary said...

Jamie, I hope all goes well today. You've been through so much. You're more than due a break. Enjoy your time with your honey. So glad he's there for you.

Happyone: I always find things I that I forgot about in "those little nooks" that I don't often look through.

Soul: I like driving the cart. Harry tries to play at least one time each week. Mostly I just ride along.

Cheryl, I so sorry things are rough around the edges for you right now. Being a mom is the hardest job you'll ever have. Being a teenager ain't no picnic - life hurts when you're Em's age. No, we didn't golf today. Storms moved in - big wet, loud storms. I subscribe to: Southern Living, Better Home and Garden, and Consumer Reports. These are mags that the daughters-in-law enjoy, too. I'm adding Real Simple to the mix. I usually buy a couple of other mags during the month but none are regulars.