Monday, January 14, 2008

The Well is Dry

It has been rather cold today. Not the bitter cold that many of you are 'enjoying', but cold nevertheless. I hate to admit that I didn't set foot outside today. I stood before the open door on a couple of occasions but that's as close as I went to outside.

The big thing today was to continue doing the sorting out and eliminating 'stuff' - 'stuff' that I had forgotten about. I have four big garbage bags of clothes folded and packed to take to the Women's shelter. I'll add a lot of hanging clothes to the group in the morning and then take the whole thing to the shelter. I hope someone - or several someones - enjoy these things. Most are barely worn and are really good labels. I'm strictly a jeans gal now. No room in my life for suits anymore. I don't think this is ever going to end. I need help!

I tried to think of something amusing or thought provoking to write about this evening, but nothing comes to mind. I think my writing tonight will end just about now. Monday is over so we're one day closer to weekend. Thanks for visiting. I hope your tomorrow is a happy day. Night, night.


AlabamaGal said...

I am sure several people will enjoy the clothes. That is very sweet of you.

I like jeans a lot too. They're so comfortable.

Have a good night's rest and sweet dreams.

Big hug,

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

All during November and part of December I was cleaning out Papers, and Clutter, and some Cloths....(MORE needs to go...) I filled two three yard Dumpsters and the Shredding People came and shred over 15 Big Files full of papers...! I gave away what was still good in the clothing area, and other stuff too....I find it a very hard thing to do---especially "The Papers" because there were in many many cases a lot of emotional stuff attached to them....And I realize there is a lot if stuff I cannot possibly throw out....Someone else will have to do that, after I'm gone. So I know what you are going through!!!! And I widh you much ;uck as you continue on this path od disposal...! (lol)

I thank you so very much for tewlling me about SPOON RIVER...Sometimes, one forgets that something one creates may have ripples that effect others---especially since it was such a long time ago...(Though SPOON RIVER is still done all over the country in Colleges and High Schools and some other Professional Venues....But it is that very first time that holds the memory's for all of us who were so deepky involved in it's creation. ALL the men, are gone now....But Betty G. and Joyce V.P. and I are still here, and still very very close friends. Another lovely side benefit from the most amazing Theatreical Experience that any of us have ever had....!

I appreciate you sharing with me about this, my dear...It means a great deal.


But you did say something amusing..I caught it...did you?? :)

Happy tuesday..
Pour Soul...I feel her pain. :(

and removing clutter I love doing that..organizing and restructure, it's a wonderful natural high..perhaps that's why I enjoy balancing the $$ dues because my system works and when it's completed I have this sense of calm.

Grandie's cabinet, I've drank all my coffee, does that mean I get a sweet treat from your cabinet of treats? :)

SOUL: said...

wanna come sort my goodwill stuff????
how bout fold my stackages of cat hair filled wrinkled laundry???
hmmmm... alrighty then.

what's your plan today?
did you have your big meal thing yesterday?

did you find my m-n-m's??? :))

anyhow--- hope it is warmer today and you can get out

Mary said...

Crusty, Hanging clothes is an appropriate label for all that business wear. From tropical weight to deep winter cold - I'm happy to have left it all behind.
One small treat, Crusty.

Michelle, I slept like a log. Hope you're having fun.

Soul, The big meal on Sunday was simple but everyone ate until they were ready for a nap. When I get in one of these get-rid-of-it moods I go through the house like a tornado. I don't think you'd like my methods but I'll be glad to help.

SOUL: said...

well.. when everyone eats til they pass out i would think that would be a compliment????
i'm not sure anymore seein as i've barely cooked in months.

but yes.. that is exactly what i need.. just throw it out before i can see any of it... well , not throw it out, goodwilly it , you know.

anyhow... yes sunday, why did i think it was a Monday thing?
nevermind. we know why.

have a good evenin

Cheryl said...

I'm always happy to come here and read, regardless of what you write about. Always!