Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Making Lists

Harry and I went to see The Bucket List today. Of course, we went to the early movie. Old farts need to be home before dark, you know. We both enjoyed the movie - sad parts and funny. We came away discussing what we would put on our bucket list. I was shocked when I realized that I couldn't think of anything. I've always done the things I wanted to do. Sometimes it took time and hard work but I can't think of anything important to me that I abandoned. Think about it. What would be on your bucket list? I'm going to give it more thought.

I've enjoyed the day and am ready to rest. I'm going to grab a book, make myself comfortable, and try to settle into a good night of sleep and happy dreams. Good night.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh I so want to see this film...I will have to wait for the DVD, I'm sorry to say...! I love the idea of The Bucket List, and I LOVE Both those actors, a whole lot!

Last night TCM had a really early Horror Film of Jack N.'s with Boris Karloff, too...I remember it was a low Budget filmed in-very-short-order, film.....Jack joined Theatre West around 1964 and I found him to be a very serious actor who was also a lot of fun! He did some very exciting work at TW....And the career he has had has been wquite phenomenol....I haven't seen him (I mean, in life) For many many years...I love to see every picture he does because he is always so good! I LOVE Morgan Freeman, too...I don't know him, but I admire him greatly...!

I love that you feel you have done and do the things you want to do...What a great thing, Mary....No regrets about choices NOT made....That is WONDERFUL!

SOUL: said...

we wanna see that movie-- but once i heard it had "sad" parts-- i decided to wait a few days.
not a great week or two here in soulland.
but yep-- we do plan to see it.

what else is happenin in your part of the world?

simonsays said...

I want to see this movie too, and I really don't do movies. But I can't resist Jack.....

Thank you Mary for all your words of encouragement, they mean so much.

happyone said...

Some things on my list would be:
To visit Australia.
Have a family reunion will ALL my cousins.
Finish the white sampler afghan I'm working on. :-)
That's all I could think of right at the moment.


I'd like to see it too, but how was it? Did you really like it?
I know Cheryl said it wasn't movie theater worthy, but a rental for sure!!

I go to early movies-when we can go-to avoid the teenie rush. :)


jAMiE said...

I'm looking forward to seeing that movie when it comes out on video....gotta love Jack.

Hmmm...a bucket for thought.

Mary said...

Harry and I both enjoyed the movie, Elizabeth. I can understand how Cheryl rates it as fodder for video rather than theater. Younger folks will see it from a different prespective. I'll probably buy the video.

H@rry said...

Why do you want to buy the video? You know neither one of us knows how to play the damn thing!

Mary said...

H@rry, Maybe an old dog could learn a new trick. Reckon? After all we do have the equipment - video, that is.