Sunday, January 6, 2008

Can't Think of a Title - Maybe Next Time

Check the time stamp on this blog! It's 2:23 AM and I'm wide awake!! The last thing I remember about last evening is that Harry and I were watching a golf tournament on TV. I think that was around 5 PM. I went to sleep on the couch and Harry left me there. Or maybe I was just so tired that I didn't wake up when he spoke to me. Whatever. I went to sleep with my head propped up to see the television and slept that way until around 9:30. Now I have a kink in my 'git-along'.

I had a real shock when I began reading the blogs I follow everyday. One of my blog friends received a comment from someone named Mary who was asking very personal questions. (This is the first time I've seen another Mary comment on her blog.) I would NEVER ask those questions in private much less in a public forum. I know that Mary is a very common name and it's very easy for this to happen. I now understand why most bloggers use more unique "call-names." In the next few days I may remedy the above situation by changing my public name from Mary to something else. The blog site title will always be the same - I'm not planning to disappear.

I have contacted my blog friend where the comment was posted to let her know how mortified I was when I saw the questions. All is well that ends well - this is just something that's on my mind at this hour of the morning.

Now, I'm going to get in bed, put my cold feet on Harry's back, try to relax the kink in my git-along and maybe sleep some more. Tomorrow is gathering day.


Summer said...

FYI... A fellow blogging friend of mine, who lives to annoy me, for fun, signed up for a blogger profile, using the name of Summer, then ran around commenting on other blogs. Everyone thought it was me, even though he didn't have my avatar, that wasn't noticed which I thought was weird. I hope you're sleeping this morning!

SOUL: said...

so did you git up yet?
how'd all that turn out?
happy sunday
btw-what's your new pseudo gonna be??

Mary said...

Summer, I'm so glad that someone understands. I hope everyone understands what happened.

Soul, Yep, I up and runnin' I was on my feet around 9:45 AM. Last night was really strange. My day feels a little off because it was already late when I got up. Haven't settled on a new pseduo, but it'll probably be Snowflake. That was the pet name Harry gave me before we married. Don't ask; it's complicated. If you do ask, I'll answer via email.

Cheryl said...

So did you sleep late to make up for lost time? I got a real giggle about your putting those cold feet on hubby's back. You didn't!

I just read your reply to Soul. I was thinking you'd be Pathways. You can see I didn't come up with anything more original than Cheryl. I could always be Ladeda.

Mary said...

Cheryl, Yes, I did put my cold feet on hubby's back. He didn't even wake up - or at least he made me believe he didn't. Bottom (pun intended) line is my feet were warm and I had a nice comfy sleep.

SOUL: said...

i still think you should get a pseudo. or would that be pseudonym? hell if i know.
anyhoo... snowflake huh? anything to do with cold feet?
ok-- i'm askin.. u know my email.

anyhow-- i had thought of trekky-- cuz of pathways.. but.. of course there are prolly five thousand others with that name due to star trek. ya reckon?

well.. mary works...

i'm still curious about the rude questioner-- must be a blog i don't read..or a post i missed. sounds interesting tho. :))
or am i just twisted?
well.. i better go.. i'm havin a "i can't shut up day " i believe


people have too much time on their hands especially if they were doing it to impersonate you like it occurred with our dear Summer..

You know in regards to me, you are always welcome to ask questions..but I'm sorry that you had to stumble across this pseudo Mary..

Don't change your name, it's beautiful!