Saturday, January 26, 2008

Peace - Sweet Peace

OK Everyone, my nerves are calm and my headache is long gone. I'm back to my sweet, lovable self. As I look back I shouldn't have posted such a negative event. It's over, that day is gone forever. I look forward to the days to come. A big thanks to everyone who commented. Having people ,who I consider friend, understand my ire helped me get my equilibrium under control. Now, what do I write about this evening?

The boys and I had a make-up play session today. It was so much fun to have playmates. We played cars, worked a puzzle, watched the fish in the reef tanks, and used the "see-big" (magnifying glass) to look at tiny starfish (we counted 7 in one tank and 11 in the other). We talked about their music classes - both have just been promoted to "bigger books" and they both wanted to tell all. I didn't miss a word. We had a snack and watched "Jacks Big Music Show" on Noggin (TV). The boys each played a computer game from Noggin. Then Papa and I took them home because they wanted to help Mommy roll the meatballs. They had homemade spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Papa and I went to Outback for prime rib. Yep!! Today was a winner!!

Harry and I watched "Pretty Woman" tonight. I can't count the times I've seen that movie and I always tear up when the couple is parting. I'm a softie. Harry is sweet to watch girlie movies with me and not complain or make fun. I'm not as nice to him. He likes to watch the History Channel when they are showing films of war and I just can't watch them with him. I either read or surf the computer.

Remember the gift certificate Harry gave me for Christmas . . the one that is good for a trip to the beach all expenses paid. It's for anytime I want to go, to anywhere I want to go, and for as long as I want to stay. Was that dangerous, or what? I've been thinking of cashing it in. I just have to find an opening in our schedule. If that proves impossible, I'll cancel a few things. My play-days with the boys are sacred, though, they won't get cancelled. You would think that two old retired people would have plenty of free time on their hands but we don't. Should you see two ratty old farts shuffling along at a furious pace it's probably us on our way to have a good time.

Again, thank you to everyone for your comments and understanding. My best to everyone. Have a good night.


C.A. said...

"two ratty old farts shuffling along at a furious pace it's probably us on our way to have a good time."

....OK Mary, I JUST woke up but that line made me laugh so loud it woke up the dog!


bonnie said...

I'm glad you had a better day. You deserve it. Often it seems that I'll have alternating bad/good/bad/good days. I wonder if I wake up from a dream in a mood and stay there. I would love to have a mother who enjoyed being a grandma, or even a mother.

AlabamaGal said...

I am glad the day was better for you. Prime rib at the Outback sounds great!

The little baby hasn't made an entrance to the world yet despite Armando and everybody running to the telephone everytime it rings in expectation of "the call"! LOL

Yesterday we had lunch at Armando's best friend's house and I got to meet his friend's Mom that is like an aunt to Armando. She is Italian and very sweet. She made us lasagna.Yum.

Have a good Sunday. I am thinking about you.


Summer said...

To the beach baaaayyyybeeeeeee!

SOUL: said...

i love that movie--pretty woman...

anyhow-- can't wait to hear of your vacation details..