Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stormy Night

A big Hello to everyone. Nothing exciting happened today - well other than that the day was peaceful and Harry and I are well. That is something, isn't it - something big.

My blog will be really short this evening. The storms that wrecked a large portion of the mid-west are now in northern Alabama. They have weakened but it's still pretty windy out there and rain is making music on the windows. Kitty's eyes are big and she's walking with caution deciding where to hide tonight. We're under a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado watch. I think common sense tells me to put my computer to bed even though there is a surge protector. Better safe than sorry.

Hope none of you had damage from these storms as they were traveling cross country on their way to Alabama.


simonsays said...

There were so many storms yesterday! They were destructive--tornados in January, what is the deal? I hope you were okay...

In Iowa, we just got a little snow, rain, ice, snow, rain, ice...


SOUL: said...

weird how i have complained about my tv for days on end--- yet i have not watched it since it got fixed.
i still have no idea what's happening in the world.
i spose i should have a look eh?

well hope y'all are ok
have a good day-


I love that sailor saying!!

Be safe! The storms were quite bizarre for January weather,but over and returning to normal.

Animals are always intuitive about danger..
have you heard about the book called, Stranger in the woods? It's a great grandchildren's book..google it..you will LOVE it..there is a set that comes with a dvd..but read the book first with your grandchildren.
Let me know what you think!!


C.A. said...

We hung out over at my sisters in the basement, playing Nintendo Wii and eating junk food until the Tornado Warning had expired. January tornado's are unheard of here...none on record since 1950!

I'm glad you and Harry are enjoying everyday things. I think about you often, Mary. :)



Mary said...

Crusty: The boys maternal grandparents gave them the book and DVD. I'm going to add the to my kids library here at home. These are the kind of books that I enjoy, too.

Soul: As soon as I know our TV is not working I can't wait to get it fixed. When it's fixed I want it turned off because it makes so much noise.

Simonsays: We just had really bad thunder storms and wind - no damage. It was a blessing to get the rain because the water table is really low here.

CA: When I lived in the mountains our neighborhood would have blizzard parties - mostly at my house. Folks would bring whatever food they had that we could cook on the fire and sleeping bags (just in case the party lasted a day or two) and settle in for the duration. We had many games, books, candles, and kerosene lamps.

jAMiE said...

There were storms everywhere it seems...they even called for some here in Southern Ontario (Canada)...but nothing happened. We did have terrible wind (no that THAT kind) which was quite distructive and some people lost power with downed wires.