Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Here we are at the second day of 2008, The Year of All Good Things. Last evening Harry said that he had eaten enough black eyed peas to assure his good luck until the end of July. I noticed he helped himself to another helping (as a TV snack) while we were watching yet another bowl game. He should be covered for the whole year!
Today's blog will be a little different. I haven't mentioned my sister for several days. She has been moved to a rehab center following the stroke. Talking is difficult for her but she has so much of value to share - she still writes. I wish I had her talent for writing. Her work is beautiful. We talked for a few minutes last evening and she told me that she enjoys having my blogs printed and brought to her. This one's for you Sis.

As a little girl, it was a holiday when the "big girls" came to visit. Unfortunately it didn't happen often enough that we saw the two "big girls" (Beatrice and Jerush) who lived in California. The "big girl" (Lula Mae) who lived in Atlanta visited fairly regularly. The "big brother" (Edward) was a career military man so his visits were seldom but usually lasted for a few days.

Edward was at Pearl Harbor, injured, returned home to heal, and re-entered World War II to serve under Patton. He was injured again in Germany and spent a few weeks with us while he was healing. He was in the Korean Conflict, too. His whole life was about his career in the military. He was not sent to Viet Nam as his retirement of many, many years kept him in the states. After retirement he lived with his wife and daughter on the banks of a large lake. He restored antique motor cycles and he later flew ultra-lites. He had the life of a true adventurer. The only stories he told me about the war were the things that amused him - no horror stories from him even though I'm sure he lived them. Below is a picture of Edward. He's sitting in the window of housing at Pearl Harbor just a few days before the horrific war began in the Pacific.
Well, Beatrice, I've just about used up the time I can spend blogging this morning. I wish I could be there to visit today, but since I can't I just say, "Love ya, Kid. Bye for now."


AlabamaGal said...

Lovely blog, I like seeing pictures and enjoyed hearing some of your family's history. It is amazing how somebody could go through so many wars and just focused on the amusing parts when re-telling. I guess that is a great example for everybody, to focus on the positive in every day.

I am excited about the trip to Chile now. We paid for the tickets and thanks for the packing tips!! I can use space savers always in my luggage. LOL

Looking forward to time together when we are back but I will be in touch when we are there! ;)

If your sis reads the comments too, Hi sis of Mary! You have a wonderful sister. I am glad I met her. She thinks the world of you and we are all wishing for you to have a quick recovery!


simonsays said...

Thank you for sharing that story Mary, and I love the photo--he actually looks like a bit of an adventurer!

You are a wonderful sister...I am sending good thoughts her way and hopes she continues to improve.

Have a great day today.

happyone said...

Nice to hear a little about your family and to see the picture.
I hope your sister continues to improve.

SOUL: said...

and you said she was the writer--- looks like you got some of that in you too. good story.

glad to hear your sis is getting better, and hope she keeps on getting better and better...
funny that you called her "kid" i chuckled at that. :))
have a great day
btw-- we ate black eyed peas for the first new years ever this year. i just got an itchin to give it a shot after i read your blog that day you mentioned it. so if i have a lucky year--- it's all your fault!

Mary said...

Michelle: I'm so excited for you. You'll be my eyes and ears in Chile. Look lots and listen hard.

Everyone: Thanks for the good thoughts/prayers for my sister. She truly is a special lady. Yes, my brother was an adventurer. He never grew old - even at 80 he was young.

Soul: Sis thinks it's funny that I call her "Kid" too. I'll never be the kind of writer that she is. I hope the blackeyed peas work for you. It's a deep south tradition.

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad your sister is doing well. It could have turned out so differently. Does she read your comments too? If so, hello. We are fans of your sister Mary.'

What a life of adventure your brother lived. Such a generation gap between you and the big girls and your brother.

Let's say that Harry had some peas for me, ok? As I didn't have any.

Mary said...

Yes, Cheryl, there is a big generation gap. As a young girl, I never knew exactly what to say when asked if I had siblings. Old people can't be siblings of a 10 year-old can they?

I don't think they do print out comments to the blog but I gave Sis your message. She sends regards.

Harry did eat enough peas for you to share. You should be covered for 2008.