Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Good Read

Yesterday's mail brought something I've been looking forward to for several days. A novel written by Diane Vogel Ferri. I began reading as soon as I opened the package and didn't quit until it was finished. No time to blog when reading this book.

Diane's blog was introduced to me by Elizabeth at: (Sorry I don't know how to make links the way most of you do.) Elizabeth is also a writer who has sold her first children's' story. We'll certainly be hearing more about her work.

Diane's book,“Flying Over Midnight,” is a much more than a love story. It is a powerful story of a young woman, Elise, who is a wife, mother, and musician. She sees her life as an unending cycle of disappointments and loneliness. Suffering from depression, she accepts professional help offered by Mary Sue, a friend and clinical psychologist. Elise begins a journey to recovery by facing her demons and finding her true self. “Flying Over Midnight” written by Diane Vogel Ferri, is not a fluff novel. It’s a compelling story deserving of a sequel.

You can find Diane's book at Amazon . Visit her blog HERE

I apologize for not knowing how to do the easy, simple links that you ladies do, but it's now my mission to learn. I just bet Harry knows how. "Harry, Can you come here and help me . . . .?"


Cheryl said...

Hi Mary,

If you send me a e-mail, I'll write back and explain the link thing. It's easy!

I'm still chipping away at my book. Too many distractions. It's weird having a deadline for a book!

SOUL: said...

i just can't believe how many of y;all read-- i mean i know it's an everyday occurrence the world over-- i just don't know how y'all can read a whole book in one day. i wish i could. i'd be a readin fool.
just when you can't remember-- or see very well-- it just doesn't do a whole lotta good to read . much. i do read. just not much.

anyhow-- glad you enjoyed your book.

hope you have a good day--

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Mary, this book sounds very very interesting...I will check it out! Thanks for the mini-review!

Doing those links are really easy....
At the top of where you compose your posts, are lots of little Icons....There is one, that looks like a tiny world---(sort of) that has some green on be sure you have the right one...Click on it...It should have a place to fill in a URL....
Before you are ready to do this, you need to "copy" the URL you want us to be able to get to----Now, Highlight the name of the person who's blog you want us to get to, which I am assuning you have put in the body of your 'Suzie over at HogHeaven'....Then.... click on that little Icon and then "Paste" the URL that you have copied earlier, into that long "okay" and close the box, and that NAME, 'Suzie over at HogHeaven should now be Highlighted....!
(I am assuming you know how to "copy" and "paste")....And That Is It! Hope I have explained this good enough....!

happyone said...

The book sounds good, glad you enjoyed it. I read a lot but I don't think I've ever read a book in a day.


So??? isn't it just amazing??
You don't want to put it down, do you??
Elise...and her friend...amazing story...
You're cute..I actually had a short story accepted, for a compliation (sp) short story book..
BUT!! I'm working on my children's story as we speak!!