Friday, January 4, 2008

Cootie Catchers and Rain Sticks

As he usually does, Harry read my blog this morning. He laughed long and loud about the cootie catchers. He said he had never heard of cootie catchers, and that everyone would get a big laugh when they read "cootie catchers". They are so common to me that it doesn't sound unusual, but I hope someone did get either a chuckle or a belly laugh when they read last night's post.

The boys and I made the rain sticks today. I think I threw away the paper towel tubes - I couldn't find them this morning. However, I did have two empty Lay's Stacks Chips plastic cans. (We usually make "pop-offs" (our name) using these tubes.) They were usable for today's project. These are easy for little ones to make - just the tubes, kitchen foil, rice, stickers and tape to keep the top on really, really tight. We didn't have enough stickers for these bigger tubes so we selected clip art from one of my computer programs , printed them on a sheet of sticky-back paper, and put the whole sheet around the tube. Picture below.

We decided to do the egg carton project another time and I surely was glad - I threw away the egg cartons, too.

It's time for me to quit writing and start reading. I want to know what my blog friends have been up to today.


simonsays said...

You are SUCH a good grandma.

I need to take lessons!

Have a great weekend!


SOUL: said...

haha at jamie-- yep she does... she's got one in the oven you know. :))
good thing it aint hers! i would laugh my evah luvin butt off if it was.

anyhow--- i spose i would like to have lessons too--- but maybe in like 10 years or so. plenty of time for you to write a BOOK. ever think of that? you really could. you're very creative.

happy saturday

Cheryl said...

Pop-offs? Would that mean you squeeze the tube and the lid pops off? When I was in line at Macy's, I was by the Martha Stewart garlic peel removers that came in a thin plastic tube. I inadvertently squeezed the tube and the lid flew off and away. It was so much fun that I did it a few more times. I was bored in line, and it made my wait a little brighter. The man behind me got a kick out of it too.