Monday, March 17, 2008

All About Yesterday

Yesterday (Sunday) was order-in Pizza Day - It's tradition to order pizza on NASCAR's race days at Bristol, TN/VA. I remember the track when it was an unknown little track that was settled down among the foothills. One narrow two lane road was the only way in or out. Time does change everything. When I watch the race, I always feel a bit nostalgic.

Buddy, our expectant father, had to work so he was marked absent. Sarah and her parents came and visited for a little while. It was good to see Mike and Terry again. They are a wonderful, loving couple. Because Sarah is pretty uncomfortable these days they didn't stay long but we are so glad that they came. They took the piece of furniture that will be used in the nursery with them - it's a wardrobe that belonged to Harry's great aunt. It dates back to the 1800's.

The rest of the gang was here for the race and pizza. The boys asked when the next sleep over would be. We'll have to think about that later and coordinate with their parents. At least they didn't cry and sob as they left yesterday. They are looking forward to play day on Friday.

How could two old farts be so lucky. The only thing that could improve our gatherings is if Judy and her family could participate. But, alas, the commute from Phoenix is too far.

Monday is happening as I sit here writing about yesterday. Gotta get moving and try to accomplish something.


Cheryl said...

What's your favorite pizza? Mine is pineapple. Or fresh tomato.

I hope your Monday was good. Mine was busy, and relaxing. A good mix. Tomorrow will be nice and steady at work. My life really does have a nice balance. Working 4 days a week is wonderful.

Cheryl said...

Do you ever watch the 'enhanced' episodes on your computer? They have 'pop-ups' that explain some of the situations. I need to watch last week's over again. I was so confused, but I think that was the point. I used to read the message boards. I should probably do that again.

Mary said...

Fav Pizza = Veggie or Pineapple and ham.

I do watch the enhanced episodes but even with those I'm somewhere in the outfield and I didn't catch the ball. I haven't read the message boards this season but, like you, maybe I should.

jAMiE said...

Mmmm, pizza...will have to have some on one of my off days of treatment..or when i'm feeling like it, its soooo good!

simonsays said...

I missed the race, I was at the hospital, and didn't even think to tivo it.

It sounds like you had a wonderful day, though. I love race days. :)

SOUL: said...

someday i really will knock on your door-- and i just might have jamie in tow!!! :))