Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Love Our Sunday Routine

Gathering day was a happy normal day. Our expecting DIL and son decided she needed to stay home on her own comfy sofa. The baby is expected to be big and she's already getting pretty uncomfortable. We miss them but understand. Everyone else was here. The oldest grandson is finally fever free. This flu has really taken its toll on him. The youngest grandson was in fine form - smiling, giving hugs, and telling us about his week.

The menu was eye of round roast, garlic potatoes, gravy, cooked carrots, and the ever present green salad. Desert was a strawberry pie (made with fresh strawberries) topped with whipped cream. Harry and I will have the same (left overs) for dinner tomorrow.

It's a long story and I won't tell it tonight but.........After years of thinking my mother's special recipes were lost forever I found at least some of them.

Caroline, they were under a powder puff in a cookie tin. Your encounter with powder puffs made me remember that smelly tin so I opened it, moved the puff, and there they were.

I'm going to make each and every one of these recipes over the next few weeks. I made the meat loaf already and it was exactly as I remembered it. Harry really liked it and told me not to loose the recipe again. I cooked the eye of round according to mother's hand written notes today. I was afraid it would be tough as shoe leather but it wasn't. It was lean, firm, but very tender. The gang all complimented the roast and I know they liked it because of the way they ate it. (No half slices left on plates.) Having everyone here and cooking for them makes me happy.

The guys watched the NASCAR race and I checked on it as often as possible. It was not a clean cut race. Tony Stewart had an accident and was pretty shaken up. He had to be helped from the car. Later he complained about his back. I hope it is not anything serious. Jeff Gordon wrecked at the end of the race. He really took a hard hit into an inside hard wall. Jeff was - of course - shaken but smiling and saying that he just made a wrong move. Edwards won and did his customary back-flip from the car window to the ground.

And so went my day. I hope you also had a pleasant day. Thanks for stopping by. My best to you.


happyone said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and you are glad to be back home again.
Dinner sounds delicious as usual.
How wonderful to find the recipes that you thought were gone forever!! That must have been a "Happy Moment" for you. :-)

SOUL: said...

one of these days i'm gonna be knockin on your door at dinner time!!!

i don't know when it happened but for some reason my chefery has gone out the window. i used to cook all the time-- and good stuff too. i think it was around october when my legs went bad. (when good legs go bad :))
i don't know but i do need to start cookin again. i miss it actually , and i think i have not only lost my motivation, but i lost my touch too. soulman cooks more now than i do-- and we go out- or order in way too often too. and we don't even like it. erg.

anyhow-- sounds like a perfect day at your place-- hope the rest of the day is good too---

Mary said...

Soul, you'll be back on the chef's trail when this health mystery is solved. I wish you would be knockin on my door at dinner time. I'd certainly have room for you and your two tag-alongs, too. Harry can and sometimes does cook but I hate that! The food is delish but the mess - well, the mess is a mess.

Cheryl said...

I love your Sunday routine too. I missed reading about it last Sunday. How wonderful that you found some of your recipes and that they triggered the memories you had of them. Under a powder puff, huh? Very cool!