Monday, March 10, 2008

Routine Day

Here we are at the end of yet another Monday - and a beautiful Monday it was. Lots of sun, high 60s/low 70'2, and grass beginning to grow. Our little so-called snow is just a dim memory. Our day was rather uneventful.

My dental appointment was cleaning only. No other work required. A quick check by the dentist, a couple of jokes, and I was out of there. I'm saved for another 6 months. Whew!!

Sarah's parents will be in town for a few weeks beginning sometime this week. They are from the frozen north land (Wisconsin) but have been in Florida for most of the winter. I know Sarah and Buddy will be glad to have them close. While they are here everyone will work together to move a heavy piece of furniture from our house to Sarah's. She will use it for storing baby necessities. The piece belonged to Harry's great aunt and will be perfect for the nursery. (Sarah really likes antiques especially if their history is linked with family.)

After the piece moves to its new home, I'll begin re-doing that room. Fabrics are already in-house as is the furniture. Painting and sewing is all that remains to be done. Oh yes, and the floor. I'm going to have the carpet taken out and go back to hardwood floors and a Persian rug. I'll have my time filled with both a day project and an evening one, too. (Remember the afghan - that's really slow-go.)


Anonymous said...
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Summer said...

Take before and after pictures!

Mary said...

If anyone wonders about the deleted comment . . It's some kind of spam about an anti-virus program. I don't know how it got here and don't know how to stop it. I do know how to delete it so I did.

happyone said...

I've just caught up with all your posts. It is so hard to be without the internet for a couple of days. We have gotten so used to having it.

Thanks for the compliments on the afghan I'm knitting. I've been working on it for quite a while and still have a long way to go.

How nice for your daughter-in-law to get the old piece of furniture. I love anything old too especialy from family.

SOUL: said...

i just forgot what i was gonna say--- :)) geesh--- well-- you know it's not the first time it's happened.

anyhow-- happy tuesday!