Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vacation Through Others Eyes

Not much happening at our house today. We're just two old farts with little ambition today. Nothing watch-worthy on TV; projects are all at a stage requiring more stuff; I slept late so the day was shot by the time I had coffee.

I spent more than two happy hours this morning enjoying Happyone's vacation in Ireland. Here is the link she provided in her blog. If you haven't visited the site, you should. What a trip that must have been - I've never seen a vacation shared so beautifully.

I seem to be without words this evening. I hope everyone is well and making smooth progress towards all your goals. Until later, my friends.


C.A. said...

Those pictures are stunning, Mary! Thanks for sharing the link. I hope youre having a lovely day!



happyone said...

Thank you mary for those nice words about our vacation pictures. Ken thanks you for the kind words about the website.
It was a wonderful vacation!!

SOUL: said...

just comin through to say hi-- i know -- i'm slow lately-- i'm catchin up though.

the new wife will be here shortly-- :))

hope your day is a good one-

Cheryl said...

You'd like happyone in person. I'm so glad she lives nearby. I still have to check out her pictures. I think I'll take a peek now.

How was your Wednesday? It's gray and raining here. It was a good work day inside!