Saturday, March 1, 2008

At Soul's Request

OK, Soul, you asked for it. I don't have a copy of my yearbook picture but this was made within six months of that Sadie Hawkins Day dance. Somewhere I have a hard copy picture that was taken just before I left for that dance. Incidentally, it was a Rainbow Girls (Shrine) dance not a school dance. My date wasn't from the school I attended. He attended one of the private boy's schools in Chattanooga. (His name escapes me.) I - or rather - Dad provided a driver and car to pick up my date and take us to the dance. It was truly an experience.
The picture was taken with my Dad, who had just come home from the hospital following a heart attack. I was 17 and Dad was 75. Do you think that maybe I was an accident? You bet I was!


SOUL: said...

yep i'd say you were an accident-- but i'd also say your mom was kinda lucky! :))

you look pretty hot :))

you'd laugh if i had my high school pic LOL
i was far from hot-- i was FAT and homely-- and well.. let's just say-- i'da looked better under a rock!

thanks for posting this--
hope it wasn't too hard to find.

have a good day!

C.A. said...

Mary what an AWESOME picture! I simply love it. I'd love to "Scrapbook" it digitally for you if you'd like.

So maybe you were an "accident". I have 4 kids, none of which were planned. I bet your parents would not have had it any other way, either. I'm sure you were like an unexpected gift to them!

Happy Saturday!

happyone said...

Nice picture of you and your dad. :-)

Glad you had such a nice time on your vacation. Sounds so nice and relaxing. Oh, that water is such a beautiful color and the sun pictures are breathtaking!!

jAMiE said...

A happy accident at that!!!

I left a little something for you on my blog Mary...please stop by when you get a chance and pick it up, k.


Caroline said...

Accident? No. A very nice surprise!

Cheryl said...

One day we should all dig up our senior pictures. I'm going to look for mine and have my friend scan it. Mine's an oldie too.

I wouldn't have thought of the iron skillet either. And actually, I rolled the dough into too big of a circle, so I put string cheese along the edges and rolled the dough over it. So good, but my lip hurts!

simonsays said...

What a hot lookin chick you were, and still are!

Thanks so much for sharing that!